Should i split my 500gb drive into seperate Page 1 / 2

sunlight101, Feb 7, 4:13am
partitions for windows 7. Would it give better performance if i gave the operating system say 80 gb? and used the rest of the hdd for storage and basically turned it into the new 'my documents'

or should i just not bother and leave it as one partition?

suicidemonkey, Feb 7, 4:19am
No, it's purely for convenience. It's easier to reinstall the OS if you run into any problems if it's on a seperate partition and your files are on another one.

ross1970, Feb 7, 4:23am
Definitely partition for the organisational and os re-install aspect.

r.g.nixon, Feb 7, 4:41am
And the backup aspect. And the defrag aspect.

vtecintegra, Feb 7, 4:48am
I wouldn't, just going to cause problems down the track.

ross1970, Feb 7, 4:48am
like what?

johnf_456, Feb 7, 4:49am
Why backup to the same drive, if your hdd is going to fail there goes your backup also. Yea it will back up if it gets corrupt or a virus infection but if you get a hard drive failure there is no point in backing up to the same drive IMHO.

johnf_456, Feb 7, 4:50am
Bollocks why?

ross1970, Feb 7, 4:51am
He wasn't implying backing up to the same drive.

mrfxit, Feb 7, 5:02am
Definantly split the drive.
Reasons include ....

Ease of choosing a spot to create a folder
Ease of FINDING that folder
Ease of rebuilding the o/s partition
Ease of data recovery ( downloaded data on seperate partition & NOT intertwined with the o/s)
Far less chance of the 2nd partition being infected via the o/s drive
O/s partitions collapse far more often then storage drives making it harder to salvage data (intertwined with o/s data if a single drive)
If the 1st partition ONLY has the o/s on it, that makes 30gb to 50gb less crap to sort through when doing a data salvage.
If the file system buggers up on the 1st drive (o/s drive) then you can simply FORMAT the o/s drive & start again without having to backup the storage drive.

BUT ... you should already have a backup data storage system away from the main PC drives anyway.

mrfxit, Feb 7, 5:03am
Why not, as long as it's already backed up to dvd

vtecintegra, Feb 7, 5:07am
Like the system partition filling up meaning you'll have to start installing apps outside of the Program files structure or mess with partition sizes.

mrfxit, Feb 7, 5:09am
Well that would be from being silly enough to NOT allowing enough room in the 1st place ... AND ...OR .... installling HEAPS OF CRAP on the o/s drive instead of the storage drive.

r.g.nixon, Feb 7, 5:10am
vtecintegra: That means either 1) you made the system partition much too small, or 2) you have keep that computer for far too long and are overdue for an upgrade.

mellowdude, Feb 7, 5:10am
I honestly wouldn't bother. Get a seperate 160GB drive, something with a decent access speed (Seagate or Western Digital Black Series) or even a 10000RPM western digital raptor and stick the OS onto that.

Stick the pagefile (system managed size) onto the 500GB drive and install bigger applications to the 500GB drive path also. That keeps the C drive (OS) fairly clean and will help to make the system nice and snappy.

johnf_456, Feb 7, 5:11am
Where does it state separate drives?

drcspy, Feb 7, 5:13am
oh for gods sake they didn't say they were an extreme gamer or similar did they ?...............performance ?.........a raptor ?.........overkill for the average user..............might as well splash out on an ssd ............

johnf_456, Feb 7, 5:13am
Not a problem if you select the right partition size to begin with, can always reszie later has a last resort or buy a bigger drive and clone it to that. OS and programs alone should not need a huge amount of space.

mrfxit, Feb 7, 5:14am
The problem with spliting up the o/s is for reinstalls because you generally can't tell the installer to split up to different drives untill it's BEEN installed

ross1970, Feb 7, 5:19am
Where does it state a single drive? Easier to backup ( FROM the partitioned drive ) when your data is separated out ( in it's own partition ) from your system files was the point.

mrfxit, Feb 7, 5:19am
Fresh install of XP sp3 / piles of assorted apps/ fully updated / been running everyday for 2 months so far (this install) still sitting on 5.5gb with 13gb's SPARE
Take the proportions (35% o-s / 65% spare room) apply to any new large hdd & if your are being halfway sensible then it should be fine for a few years.

mellowdude, Feb 7, 5:20am
Gee sorry chaps,

In that case don't bother partioning anyway as you won't see any benefit as there is no need to worry about performance.

I just happen to like speed for every application, email, office, imaging, video. and general multitasking.

BTW, SSD's aren't that reliable.

johnf_456, Feb 7, 5:23am
Because the topic is partitioning, since when do you partition 3 or 4 separte drives. Partitioning is per drive, has it simply splitting up "one drive".

Yes that is the point about been separate, but for backups separate drive or other media IMHO.

johnf_456, Feb 7, 5:23am
Pal he is not partitioning for performance.

johnf_456, Feb 7, 5:26am
So since you like speed so much does that mean you have a 10k computer for "speed". Bollocks about partition for reasons other than performance, make it far easier with media on a separate drive. If the OS screws up you just do that, rather trying to browse to my documents or whatever random place you put it even in the root of c drive. To find documents etc or mp3's. Makes re installing much easier IMHO

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