Fighting with Word 2010

dlmckay, Feb 8, 7:26am
I want to select four pictures in my Word document... Microsoft Help tells me to CTRL and select.Which I'm doing.But doesn't work.Gah.Anyone have the trick to this?

wombatunder, Feb 8, 7:43am
Hold down Ctrl...then select select select select (click click click click)

dlmckay, Feb 8, 7:47am
yeh, thanks for that... lmao - I AM actually doing that... but it's not selecting.

richms, Feb 8, 8:42pm
If the first image is ontop of the others, it will prevent selection of the others. selection in word is a crapshoot if it will work when it is abused as a page layout package.

dlmckay, May 2, 12:06am
I'm still unable to select multiple pictures in Word... the first image doesn't have the option to bring forward or send to back, so can't see how it would be "on top of the others".

Does anyone know how to select multiples?Is this a 2010 bug?

swivel, May 2, 12:39am
No Bug, Just you have to learn how to use Word correctly.

dlmckay, May 2, 12:42am
Gee thanks for that... so, if the way to multi select is to CTRL and select, and yet this is not working, do you have any other bright ideas, or are you just here to snark?

dlmckay, May 2, 12:50am
OK, I've figured it out myself... (must be my 17 years of using Word that helped me).The pictures need their text wrapping style changed to Square instead of In Line With Text (default formatting) in order to multiselect.

helen_nz2, May 2, 6:59am
well done, I've had the same problem myself so thanks for sharing

dlmckay, May 2, 7:51am
Anytime - rather be a radiator than a drain :)

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