How can I make laptop access info on desktop?

kath6, Feb 8, 9:28pm
There is a main desktop computer at work that all (only 3) staff use.We would like to be able to access the microsoft word files that are on the desktop from our respective laptops.The building has wireless internet.Is this possible?If so, how should I go about making it happen?

Many thanks

kevin16, Feb 8, 9:41pm
what OS is on the desktop, if the desktop shows in the network, it could be as easy as making sure the 'sharing folder' is shared, and save the docs there,...

wombatunder, Feb 8, 10:52pm
Anything stored on one user's desktop is inaccessible to any other user.Create a shared folder and move all those files into it, creating sub-directories for each user's stuff if that works for your situation.Then (tip) each user can make a shortcut to the shared folder for quick access.

Make it a rule to use that shared folder to save *any* stuff in future that you all need to access: DON'T save user files to anyone's desktop!!

nicky21, Feb 9, 2:21am
That is not necessarily true. Nothing stopping you from sharing a folder on the desktop (or the entire desktop itself) although may not be best practice

wombatunder, Feb 9, 2:23am
Well, yeah - if you want to share umpteen files on 3 desktops 3 ways, sure, go for it.

kath6, Feb 9, 6:21am
Thanks for the info so far.All staff have their own folders and files on the main computer that they want to be able to access.Each file would only be added to by one person if that makes any difference.

Does accessing files from a different computer have a particular name so that I can do some research online about it?

ettenyl, Feb 9, 6:27am
If you're using windows you need to research...user accounts, sharing, and permissions

kath6, Feb 22, 7:21am
I am wondering if VNC software might be what I'm after?Would this be right?(Using Windows XP)

kath6, Feb 22, 7:28am
Grr, thought I had found some software that would allow remote access (VNC) but it doesnt look like I can use that to access word files.

Basically, if you cant be bothered reading above... 1 desktop holding all files, staff wanting to be able to access their desktop flles from laptops while in same building.links to instructions or ideas muchly appreciated

Using Windows XP

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 7:58am
Set the folder with those files to shared, with a 'share name' and read/write access. All computers should have the same workgroup name.

floydbloke, Feb 22, 8:00am
Still stuck?Take a look here:

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