Ipad vs z pad/a pad etc opinions please

ride4all, Feb 9, 8:01am
Which would you recommend? My friend has an A pad but the sensitivity wasn't that great now I have heard the Z pad is very good.Im not that up with technology so advice would be good.Or do I go for an ipad as i have apple already?!?

vtecintegra, Feb 9, 8:02am
Either get the iPad now or wait until the next generation of Android tablets - don't bother with the current crop

ride4all, Feb 9, 8:04am
So when you say the next generation of Android which ones do you mean?

ride4all, Feb 9, 8:04am
Also I was told to get Android rather than ipad as you have more freedom with the other, is this true?

vtecintegra, Feb 9, 8:05am
The ones running version 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb)

There aren't any available yet but they'll start coming later in the year

ride4all, Feb 9, 8:07am
Ok thanks. Which would you recommend out of interest, am wanting to get one for my daughter and want one that will do the best for her.As I said I really don't have much clue, lol.

vtecintegra, Feb 9, 8:09am
As I said, it'd currently have to be an iPad.

If you do want Android right now the Samsung Galaxy tab is the best thing out, but be warned its pricey and will soon be eclipsed by much better hardware

ride4all, Feb 9, 8:12am
Ok, don't need it now, am looking in the next 5 months, will probably go with the iPad so I will stay in sync with my other stuff, lol.Thanks for your help :-)

carkitter, Feb 9, 10:42am
He means that Android lives in the realm of vapourware where the best device on the market is the one that is rumoured or announce but not actually for sale for another 6 months.

Get an iPad, it's the only tablet that can back up its claims with satisfied customers and massive sales figures.

malachiman, Feb 9, 8:55pm
nice :-)

johnf_456, Feb 9, 10:01pm
Android is the way to go when the market will change, just watch the space. Android has already out selled the iphone, so give it time.

jbedford, Feb 9, 10:06pm
Motorola Xoom is due later this month, I think.
I wouldn't bother getting an iPad when the iPad 2 is supposed to be coming out this year.

vtecintegra, Feb 9, 10:44pm
In the tech world 5 months in an eternity - things could change dramatically by then.

You'll have the iPad 2, the dual core Androids and possibly even some cool WebOS and RIM tablets by then

michael.benn, Feb 11, 12:30am
I believe there's a Motorola (I think) with a Dual Core processor coming out in the US soon. Absolutely ridiculous how fast technology is changing. In 5 years our phones will be able to play Crysis lol .

ride4all, Feb 11, 7:55am
Ok thanks for all the responses, I don't need to get one yet so can wait till later in the year just wanted some different ideas :-)Have to admit though some of the talk is way over this non-tech person, Lol

smac, Feb 14, 7:34pm
Anyone seen a NZ price for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 yet?

remmers, Feb 14, 9:02pm
There is no US price or release date yet but Engadget seem to think same as Xoom which is rumoured to be US$1100.

vtecintegra, Feb 14, 10:19pm
I'm a bit disappointed we haven't seen a high end 7" tablet announced.It'd be a way better size for my usage than the 10" ones.

charles.j, Feb 15, 1:02am
I found out today that the iPad doesn't support java

vtecintegra, Feb 15, 1:04am
Neither does Android, at least not in the sense you can run a generic Java app.

smac, Feb 15, 1:10am
Ya Apple are doing their bit to push Java out of HTML 5's way.

charles.j, Feb 15, 1:39am

I had no idea they didn't support it

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