ISP Throttle... Advice?

I have a 1.5mbps unlimited connection. It seems that they are throttling my speed on certain sites like Youtube, Hotfile etc. For the last week these sites were going at full speed which was 150KB/s and now they are crawling at 20KB/s for the last few days. Windows Update seems to download updates within mere seconds. Do I have a right to complain or how can I get around it? Anyone had experience with throttling with their own ISP?

geek_respect_rns, Feb 10, 9:22 am

There's probably something in the contract about allowing them to throttle you. Or it may be there way of nudging you to a limited bandwidth contract.

geek_maverick88, Feb 10, 9:50 am

You might find they have a proxy for things like MS updates etc to reduce international traffic.

geek_malachiman, Feb 10, 9:56 am