Printer says paper jam, but have cleared the paper, Feb 10, 8:24am
but it still says paper jam, and won't print? HP printer. Have turned all off, and restarted (except computer itself), troubleshooted the printer.... there is no paper in the printer... any help ???

gyrogearloose, Feb 10, 8:26am
Did you have to rip the jammed paper to get it out? There's still a bit stuck in there. Open all the flaps again and have a look with a torch.

eligius, Feb 11, 3:48am
You say there is no paper in the printer.After doing what gyro suggests above, put some paper in and press Resume and see what happens.

twaymouth, Feb 11, 4:05am
If it is a laser printer remove the toner and check in the feed rollers as small pieces of paper can get caught and cause no end of problems.

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