Charger for Camera - Advice needed

Ok my mother has lost the charger for her camera

Camera is a casio exlim EX-FC100

The official chargers seem to cost more than the camera is now worth.

I can find "compatible" chargers on trademe or at least i think they are compatible, BUT, I want to make sure they will fully charge the battery which is a
Lithium Ion Battery
3.7v 1300mAh 4.9Wh NP-40

The cheap batteries that are being sold everywhere and with these chargers all seem to be 6-700mAh, so i am guessing that perhaps the chargers wont fully charge the battery in mums camera 1300mAh (her battery seems to last forever before it needs charging), am I correct or am I being daft

geek_nigelt74, Feb 12, 2:19 pm

Buy a new camera, there some good deals on 10 or 12 megapixels, and be bold and ask for additional discount.

geek_gyrogearloose, Feb 12, 2:24 pm

specs on the charger is what you need to know - not the battery... if you are after the charger.

geek_acura, Feb 12, 2:32 pm

1) Mums familiar with this camera
2) I understand specs on the charger, problem is I haven't found a single site that posts specs on the charger, they all say they charge battery model np-40, But i just want to make sure it fully charges the battery

geek_nigelt74, Feb 12, 3:52 pm

The after market charger will be able to fully charge the battery. As long as the battery is in working condition and will fit on the charger then the charger will charge it.

geek_twaymouth, Feb 12, 4:09 pm

It will just take longer to charge it if it is less amps

geek_niklaus, Feb 12, 4:11 pm

Haven/t seen any chargers that are specific for a perticuler amperage of battery.
They are solely designed for a perticuler type, not amperage.

geek_mrfxit, Feb 12, 6:32 pm

Theres one on TM for $10.Pointless if camera is only worth $60 second hand, then why would you go for a $69 charger. As long as the cheap charger doesnt burn down the house lol

geek_chevyxman, Feb 12, 7:29 pm

the current rating on the charger is the rate at which it will chargethe ratting on the battery is it's capacity so that charger will take approximately 2 hours to charge that battery

geek_electro2000, Feb 13, 9:31 pm

A rechargeable battery is usually charged at one tenth of the ampere-hour rating . The charging rate is normally printed on the battery.Heres an example: the batteries in our camera are rated at 2450 mA/hours.and the recommendation is to charge at 245mA for 10 hours.

geek_biggal, Feb 14, 4:48 pm