Website marketing experts ?? But no Business sense

bevharris1938, Feb 12, 7:58pm
The computer boffins who advertise to improve your website standing on google search never reply to ANY email request to take a look at your site and give us a quote. ? I have sent email to 5 such business and gues how many replies ive had , you got it NONE. How do these people stay in business?

budgel, Feb 12, 8:11pm
It is probably because you just arent cool enough! ;-]

torican08, Feb 12, 8:12pm
How are you finding these businesses? Via email??? I get junk email all the time that are looking for link exchange etc etc. It is simply a way to check if your account is live or not.

bevharris1938, Feb 12, 8:15pm
No these are businesses online that charge $1000 to $5000 to market your website , nothing to do with link exchange , NZ based ones , not overseas

torican08, Feb 12, 9:47pm
Yes certainly marketing options out their, just many who spam you to take up "crazy" promises in order to see if you are using a legit email to sell off to spammers. I suppose if they wanted to be elaborate enough they could give you a silly offer, follow through with what they promised but in the mean time add a script to your hosting that spams or steals info or something!

lostdude, Feb 12, 11:35pm
Yeah, and plenty from overseas posing as legitimate NZ businesses.

jancemord, Feb 12, 11:37pm
I am a web development student and am happy to make recommendations if you would like?

malachiman, Feb 13, 1:09am
Wow that??

bevharris1938, Feb 13, 1:20am
Att JANCEMORD send me a email threw my listing on trademe

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