Wireless Printer help..

google0, May 29, 10:43am
Wireless Printer help.. Purchased 1 today. Have managed to print a page with it hooked up to via usb cableBut can't figure how i set the wireless up?? Grrrr! Brother MFC685CW.. Got it from Dick Smith Powerhouse

spyware, May 29, 10:44am
Tell us something about your wireless network - if you indeed do have one.

morrisman1, May 29, 10:54am
I personally avoid brother inkjets because they are very expensive to run and dont have overly high print quality. im currently using a brother laser printer attached to my apple airport extreme wireless base station and that prints wirelessly very easily. prints wirelessly from pcs and mac but the mac was a little easier to set up. they also have an airport express for something like $150 which does wireless printing and wireless audio so maybe that is a better route for you to take.

google0, May 29, 9:17pm
Hmm, still tryingI've added the printer to the main computer via usb cable.. I have a wireless router that I can apparently plug into & set up, easier said than done.. I also have 2 laptops on wireless that i'd like to use this stupid printer too..

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