WOW new lapatop power adapter started to MELT!

Good god, I don't even want to think about what might of happened if I didn't notice. I had only used it a few times since Wednesday.
What causes this?

geek_browsing, Feb 13, 11:01 pm

heat :P

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 13, 11:01 pm

it was wrapped in a blanket?

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 13, 11:03 pm

oh very funny

geek_browsing, Feb 13, 11:07 pm

I thought so.

Take it back.

And power adaptors wrapped up in clothes and bedding is the main cause for overheating.

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 13, 11:09 pm

well it wasn't wrapped in anything, and send it back?

If trader agrees to refund my money I will ;)

geek_browsing, Feb 13, 11:10 pm

Wow, just looked at the auction you won, That is one cheap charger! Guess you get what you pay for, but the charger melting?? Thats a HUGE risk to the user, yes what IF you were notaround? Seems like they have good feedback. I guess laptop chargers are one of those things you need to invest a little extra money in. Every universal charger I have had has been extremely hot , never a meltdown though.

geek_..your_mother.., Feb 13, 11:22 pm

It depends on the laptop, what rating of power adaptor you need. I had a big dinosaur of a Pentium 4 laptop that needed a 200w power supply. Trying to get that out of a small adaptor would be asking for problems.
What was the power consumption of your laptop? Was the adaptor rated for it?

geek_flockton55, Feb 13, 11:44 pm

I'm with #8, Was it the correct Voltage and Amp for your Laptop.Whats the model of your laptop

geek_swivel, Feb 14, 8:14 am

Sounds like a mismatch. I've talked to people who just assumed it wouldn't work if the rating wasn't up to it....rather than work but make the hamster run too fast.

geek_smac, Feb 14, 8:26 am

The problem is that it should never get to the stage that it is so hot that it was melting, If it was a safe and well made power supply then it should shut down under an overload condition and never get close to melting

geek_twaymouth, Feb 14, 8:35 am

I got a cheap one on here a while back, was making an arcing sound and a nasty burning smell. Didn't wait for it to melt, sent it back and got a replacement from the trader. It always made my touchpad act weird though, and I could never just leave the laptop charging when I wasn't around to watch it and put out any fires ;)

About a month later I got two genuine ones for nothing at eday and threw the cheap clone in the bin.

geek_little_egypt, Feb 14, 8:39 am

Hi it is mandatory to have a CE certificate on any low votage device regardless of what you payedfor it.! To save peoples lives you should report it to trademe?

geek_shane.64, Feb 14, 9:28 am

The cheap melting and exploding adaptors do have the CE certificate though; they just copy the whole label verbatim from a genuine power supply. How do you prove that a clone power supply never really passed testing and isn't up to standard?

geek_little_egypt, Feb 14, 9:33 am

It has the exact same power rating etc as the one we had

It wasn't even on that long

and yes I have notified TM

geek_browsing, Feb 14, 9:49 am

You are right but thats why they should be reported they are dangerous.The importer must know this .Genuine don't melt !

geek_shane.64, Feb 14, 9:53 am

Heat. ... thought you may have known that.

geek_barnes-55, Feb 14, 10:12 am

Yip cheap crap power adapters are not worth it, I bought one a year ago had nothing but problem would not deliver full current. I.e not enough power to charge battery and run the laptop, it got really hot, made a screeching noise. Sent it back and got a refund, my new genuine one has not let me down once.

geek_johnf_456, Feb 14, 12:57 pm

Yep. It's the same if you try to put a PSU which is incapable of handling the Wattage of your system. The PSU will fry, although in this case, as it's connected directly to your hardware instead of the battery, your hardware might die too from the current spikes.

P.S. #10 - hampsters forced to run too fast don't catch fire. I've tried.

geek_volkier, Feb 14, 1:04 pm

Tut-tut! should have kept for next e-day, not consigned it and its nasty innards to landfill!

geek_wombatunder, Feb 14, 1:05 pm

can we see a photo of the melted unit?

geek_sunlight101, Feb 14, 1:16 pm

The importer is supposed to have a compliance folder with the test results of any electronic device that they import and sell.

Report this melting incident to the ess part of the med along with who sold it to you. People importing this junk have got away with it for far too long, and trademe is full of it. Trademe dont seem to care so long as they bundle a powercable with the right plug on it.

geek_richms, Feb 15, 5:46 pm

I've said it before - I disagree with eDay volunteers picking and choosing what they want, when eDay promotes itself as "best practice".

Back to the topic - have you considered that there may be a fault with the laptop? I mean, why do you think the original charger failed? Perhaps the laptop is drawing excessive current because of a fault with the regulator or battery, and even though the new charger is (was) working to specification, a laptop fault may have cooked it.

geek_gyrogearloose, Feb 15, 6:01 pm

The laptop charger in question should be able to handle an over load without over heating or melting, Quality chargers have inbuilt over current and thermal protection that will shut the charger down if something goes wrong. The problem here is dangerous low quality equipment with no fault protection. If there was a problem with the laptop then the charger should just shut down or the thermal fuse open.

geek_twaymouth, Feb 15, 6:08 pm

I was given the laptop because the original charger had been misplaced and they decided it was time to get a new laptop anyway.

As far as eday goes it's a total mess. I made official arrangements that some of the equipment would be collected and reused in the community. Other volunteers made a point of destroying as much equipment as they could. 90 tons of monitors are now classified as 'toxic waste' and sitting in storage, rather then working reusable electronics that could be exported and resold because some of the volunteers felt they were easier to stack if the video cable was cut and the base snapped off.

BTW my laptop has since been given to a girl with myotonic dystrophy, because the one from e-day she was going to get turned out to be a lemon. And now I have no laptop :-(

geek_little_egypt, Feb 15, 6:46 pm

No power supply should ever catch fire. The plastic should have flame retardents in them - that costs money so the counterfeits will often not have it. There should be over temperature, over current, over voltage etc protection. Cheap ones will not have any of those. Worst are ones that will shutdown on a shortcircuit (since that is easy to do) but blow up when overloaded to 200-300% because they lack any protection.

There are standards for these things, but they are meaningless if the stuff is not declared to conform to them or tested to them. The importer is supposed to have all that data. The problem is there are so many garage importers who are just picking up a pallet full of junk off alibaba and then reselling it.

geek_richms, Feb 15, 6:56 pm