Cell phone boosters - advice please

chakendrick, Feb 14, 9:54pm
We are Vodafone customers who get poor coverage.
If we can change providers and still keep our 021 number that may be an option for better coverage. Apart from that does anyone know of any boosters? I know Vodafone have bought one out but when I compared what they were offering to what I currently receive with Telstra, they could not go close and you cant have the booster without their broadband.

barnes-55, Feb 14, 10:06pm
Vodafone better that telecon out here.
If I stand out in the middle of the drive on top of the tree stump and hold the phone at arms length I can just get a txt message out and in.. (:o))

selfdestructive, Feb 15, 12:38am
regardless of what network we have here we still get stiffed by the lot of em. regardless of who we choose for a mobile provider, we get screwed. And that goes for internet providers. telecon own the copper lines and we are still bound to them like a prison. regardless of what provider we go through telecon own the lot. its like conform or die with them idiots.

vtecintegra, Feb 15, 1:08am
Assuming you're still using copper to connect.

I've never had any performance issues with my cable connection.

richms, Feb 15, 4:41am
Other ISPs are able to put their own gear on telecoms cables, its called unbundling, ISPs just choose not to in places that they cant make money, and just want to resell telecoms products in those places, but get the commerce commision to make telecom allow resale at stupidly low prices.

gyrogearloose, Feb 15, 4:48am
One of the mobile carriers is investing $100m, this will be over a few years: http://blog.2degreesmobile.co.nz/media/2degrees-invests-in-network-and-future-growth/

chessman, Feb 15, 6:07am
Have a talk to the owner of tennatron

You need a callphone antenna.

chessman, Feb 15, 6:12am
It might also pay to try telecoms old CDMA network if you can get an old phone, we can only get one bar of reception at our bach on the old CDMA and nothing else unless we use a high gain directional yagi like the one from tennatron.

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