wep key for printer set up ??

google0, May 29, 9:36pm
Wep key for printer set up ?? How do i find out these details? Its to configure a wireless printer

soodanim, May 29, 9:42pm
Log into your routerask whoever setup your network...assuming you have a wireless router and it's been setup, someone must have done it...:)

google0, May 29, 9:47pm
Was setup via the cd that come with it if I ring my isp they should be able to tell me where to look??

google0, May 29, 9:48pm
What a crack up i've posted 2 threads regarding wireless help & most people assume I dont have a wireless set up ?? Haha, weird

soodanim, May 29, 9:48pm
I don't know if they'll support setting up your printer....what's the router? Read the manuals for both...

google0, May 29, 9:52pm
Yeh, they wont help setting it up i just need to know how I find that key.. I'll have a play in the control panel

soodanim, May 29, 9:56pm
Weirdyou'd think so...but it's been done..."I can't get my laptop to connect to the internet" Why? "Oh cos I don't have an wireless router" Some people have no idea, pays to check...You'll have a play in what "control panel"? What's the router? When I say read the manual, it will explain how to log in and where to look for the wireless settings, it's really easy if you read, most manuals have little pictures too lol

soodanim, May 29, 9:57pm
So what else is setup for wireless? You would have needed to enter the information for that to connect it

google0, May 29, 10:01pm
Grrr,,, haha So.. I've just realised my wireless router which was from xtra - D-Link crapped out last year.. In its place I have a wired router - D-Link also, that is connected to some sort of wireless transmitter thingeeDoes this make sense?? I am wireless, both laptops have always worked wireless & im hoping they can use this printer wireless tooThe main computer is wired.. Ugh, how confusing for anyone reading.. My bad, sorry

soodanim, May 29, 10:07pm
I can't give instructions for thingees I only know thingeemebobs....Make/Model numbers required so we can get the thingee working!

kevin16, May 29, 10:09pm
'Thingees' are rare now it nice to see some people still run them,..

google0, May 29, 10:20pm
Haha, i only know thingeemebobs too rung xtra. They say there is no way of finding out your WEP key. Can only change all the details and start again.. HmmmThis all started cos the fax played up, so in my wisdom i figure buy bigger & better.. Oooh, the MR wont be happy if i dont get the dam thing goingMight go buy a proper wireless router & start again with that 2Hmmm

google0, May 29, 10:22pm
This thingee is a " EDIMAX " EW - 7206ApgBought from some random computer sales shop

google0, May 29, 10:50pm
YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!! I found the bugger!! Thank god for that.. Coffee time then try to hook this baby upOnly taken me..5hrs soo far

google0, May 30, 9:36am
Still goingMy wep key didnt fit couldn't get wireless going at all.. Doubt i can get the laptop connected either. LOL.

1clickaway, May 30, 9:48am
Log Onto Your Router: default should be: (or if through USB) user name may well be: admin ; and pass the same; (unless you config it to another pass; ) From there; you can look for your WEP key; Computer would have generated its own wep: so take a note of what it is; (you can change it to what you want; But make sure its hard to 'crack') :)

google0, May 30, 9:59am
Ooh, cool I was using this other 196.1.number & getting nowhere.. So now i have some ip details but still no wep key from that ??

1clickaway, May 30, 10:13am
What Does the Screen Look Like When you log onto ; ? A pop-u should have been there; admin for user; and same for pass; Then a window will show of setup status etc; from there click on (Have a look at this and see if matches your router; http://www.world-net.co.nz/support/dsl ) :D

google0, May 30, 10:25am
I dont have a wireless router as such i have a router with a wireless thingee plugged into the router.. So im guessing i need the details of the wireless thingee?? when i use i get the router details, but there is no wep key in there ??

spyware, May 30, 10:40am
Because you are connecting to the wrong device. When you installed the Edimax you should have changed its IP address to match your other routers LAN interface subnet (and put a large label on it with ip address). If Edimax is getting address via DHCP then you'll need to use a utility like Look@LAN to scan the subnet for devices.

spyware, May 30, 10:43am
Edimax default IP address from memory is, username: admin, password: 1234. You can't connect to without giving your computer an IP address (and 24 bit subnet mask) on the same subnet.

1clickaway, May 30, 10:44am
Lets Get Back To Basics First; Make and model of your printer; When you installed printer; It asks you to plug in the 'thingy-a-bob' And assuming that you did; then your computer asks you to INSTALL the thingy-a-bob; which is ANOTHER process; So; install the 'thingy-a-bob' then printer and see if it works :D (i'm off to play COD4 - back around 12am lol :)

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