Problem changing language on printer

debs109, Feb 17, 4:51am
hp B110a was doing the set up and some how its now in foriegn and I cant change back to english help pls

drcspy, Feb 17, 4:54am
controlpanel/addremove programs (xp) or programs and features (vista/win7)

find the printer program and UNinstall it

then REinstall it in ENGLISH

debs109, Feb 17, 4:58am
thanks but not that far yet this is on the printer screen have not installed printer as yet next step

drcspy, Feb 17, 5:11am
well you better read the manual then and if you dont hve it google for it

debs109, Feb 17, 5:12am
is there a factory default button as the language changed printer has not been completly setup

drcspy, Feb 17, 5:15am
I dunno - RTFM

ettenyl, Feb 17, 5:19am
unplug the printer from the wall, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in and turn it on. Just maybe it will return to default set-up screen.

debs109, Feb 17, 5:38am
have read manual and it does not say tried unplugging as well no luck

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