Vodafone(isp) Router(standard) to Wireless Router.

leoncharles, Feb 18, 8:03pm
should i use a vodafone wireless router when changing over from a standard router?...or can i use any wireless router?(ISP is vodafone)

gyrogearloose, Feb 18, 9:43pm
Yes, you can use any brand. Wireless "N" is faster than "G" is faster than "B", but the limiting factor will still be the speed of your broadband connection.

drcspy, Feb 18, 11:02pm
and the other limiting factor wiht wireless "N" is whether your computer is "N" capable if it's not well it'll just default to 'g"which is still FAR faster than your internet connection speed.........

drcspy, Feb 18, 11:03pm
oh and even if vodaphone supply vodaphone branded modems/routers they DONT make them they'll just be re-branded .........it doesn't matter what make you get really except for some people think certain brands are more reliable than others.....

leoncharles, Feb 19, 12:09am
thanks all..

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