Computer's printer software overiding Canon

gdnshack, Feb 19, 5:51am
Just got a new HP computer with Windows 7 and I re-installed the Canon printer software that was on the previous XP one, but now I can't get the Canon "Wizard" to work.You could go to a menu and choose heaps of different ways to print and it had a "printing preview" that you could check out before telling it to print.Now I have to put up with one that must be already on this computer and have no control over stuff.Is there some way I can make Canon the default setting?

drcspy, Feb 19, 6:02am
did you use the disk you'd previously used ? It possibliy wasn't optimised for win7 goto and get the correct software......

gdnshack, Feb 19, 6:05am
Thanks.Will give that a go.

gdnshack, Feb 19, 6:15am
Just went to Canon website and the only download for that was for the wireless set up, nothing to do with my problem.I would've thought that the CD-ROM I re-installed would cover Windows 7.Only got the printer last November.Praps I need to go back to the people I bought printer from and get them to fix the problem.What a pain!

drcspy, Feb 19, 6:16am
what model of printer ?

gdnshack, Feb 19, 6:17am
Canon MX340- is a wireless model, but I have it connected via USB etc.

drcspy, Feb 19, 6:19am

gdnshack, Feb 19, 6:53am
Just downloaded that, didn't solve the problem, but thanks for your help.Will go back to people I bought printer off, luckily they are a small firm that look after their customers.

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