Cant find a compaq v3000 power adapter

any know where I could get one from, has to be a 19v output.

geek_suka, Feb 19, 7:58 pm


this is the correct adaptor for the v3000 AFAIK.

geek_puffydawg, Feb 19, 8:05 pm

thats not a 19v though puffydawg

geek_suka, Feb 19, 8:09 pm please check voltage on back of laptop first

geek_ossieborn, Feb 19, 8:46 pm

thats weird as i looked up the v3000 specs and they were a 18.5v 3.5a, sorry if i gave you the wrong one, i hope the one that ossie listed is correct.

geek_puffydawg, Feb 20, 7:13 am

5% variation in voltage will be fine from what I have read.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 20, 8:27 am

Had look at this, but my model isnt on the list.

geek_suka, Feb 20, 11:37 am

geek_chessman, Feb 20, 11:58 am

Try too

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geek_jjanedan, Jul 16, 6:28 pm