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sundaze1, Feb 19, 8:51pm
I'm with XNet, so I'm using their 'Speedtest' checker to determine how good (or otherwise) my connection is. This morning, I tried 10 checks between 9-30am and 9-36am, and got 9 returns of 14,800+kbps, 1 return at 13,626 (all download speeds, obviously!), and for upload, 10 returns between 762 and 765. Hubby has been 'tinkering' with my adsl settings since yesterday, when I was getting between 5500 and 8500. I'm very pleased with the improvement, but I'm curious to know how the new figures stack up against average expectations?

xraps, Feb 19, 9:39pm
Your new speeds are good and above average. I think your attainable upload could be a bit higher but Xnet may be throttling it.

sundaze1, Feb 19, 9:49pm
Hubby's just come in, and I asked him about the upload speed. He is of the opinion that it IS being throttled. Being the curious creature that I am, I wondered if there was a site that showed adsl speed statistics for Auckland?

sundaze1, Feb 19, 9:51pm
Thanks for that, I'll try it shortly. I'm downloading a file right now, so when that's finished, I'll certainly try it and report - before lunch!

sundaze1, Feb 19, 10:00pm
OK, I'm still downloading that file, but I tried the speedtest anyway.

lilyfield, Feb 19, 10:02pm
WOW--I wish

spyware, Feb 19, 10:12pm
How can you claim throttling when you haven't even stated what the modem sync speed is - the speed at which it connects to the exchange. If the modem syncs at around 900 kbps up you won't get any faster throughputthan 760 or so oncethe overhead is removed.

You log onto the modem to get the sync speed not ask bloody The sync speed determines the upper limit of any potential throughput and is determined by distance from exchange and the quality of the line. Surely this is obvious.

xraps, Feb 19, 10:13pm
sundaze1, you are fairly close to your roadside cabinet. Can find it on the telecom site here,
That is a great speed result...
You or hubby could check the sync rate of your modem to get a better idea if xnet is throttling your upload.

spyware, Feb 19, 10:17pm

Start by understanding the above graph and understand that the connection characteristics are determined by many factors, distance from exchange, quality of the copper etc.

To claim that an ISP would throttle a sub 1 Mbps upload speed is totally obsurd. What would it possible achieve given an upload of 700 kbps would support a download speed far exceeding the theoretical 24 Mbps download speed of adsl2+.

sundaze1, Feb 19, 10:17pm
OK, I'll look at the latest queries shortly, but the file I was downloading has finished, so I've re-run the speedtest.

spyware, Feb 19, 10:19pm
Characteristics indicate maybe 1.5 to 1.8km from exchange or cabinet.

xraps, Feb 19, 10:23pm
Not so true, my neighbor is with slingshot and her sync rate is half what i get (same cabinet). i did some checking on line condition and found it had been attenuated at the cabinet to limit speeds. The cab is vdsl2 capable and this has been fixed now. ISP's can limit sync rates (at the cab) for non fs/fs plans. is great for getting an overview of how things are going and can help narrow down any issues.

sundaze1, Feb 19, 10:24pm
Why so vitriolic, Ross? I was originally asking a simple question, now you are on the attack! I never claimed to be a mathematician, nor understand how it all worked.

sundaze1, Feb 19, 10:37pm
Cabinet MNR/AU - checking modem sync rate.......

spyware, Feb 19, 10:39pm
Because you never checked the sync speed by logging into the router, so any interpretation of is totally meaningless until you do. Also you never at any point stated your distance from an exchange or cabinet so any interpretation is also meaningless. Yet, you come to the conclusion that an ISP is throttling. I dislike your non scientific approach. If you don't know how it works then find out.

spyware, Feb 19, 10:45pm
The next consideration is whether you have a master/splitter filter at demarcation point. If not then sync speed may also be reduced because the adsl signal travels to the end of, and bounces off stubs, creating standing waves.

Next consideration is the chipset in the modem.

sundaze1, Feb 19, 10:51pm
As fast as I deal with one of your issues, you come up with another. Let it just be said that I'm getting a good speed on my internet downloads. Sheesh, some people!

spyware, Feb 19, 10:52pm
And finally, because you're with Xnet there is a possibility that you aren't via the cabinet at all and connect to the exchange. Xnet themselves will have no hardware in the cabinet.

spyware, Feb 19, 10:54pm
Your speeds are actually poor if indeed you are that close to a cabinet. Change to Telecom and you may get close to 20 Mbps down.

sundaze1, Feb 19, 10:58pm
Modulation Type: ADSL_2plus (configured as MultiMode)
Status: Up
Downstream Rate: 17159 Kbps
Upstream Rate: 892 Kbps
Downstream Noise Margin: 14.1 dB
Upstream Noise Margin: 16.5 dB
Downstream Attenuation: 8.0 dB
Upstream Attenuation: 3.8 dB
Downstream Power: 12.8 dBmV
Upstream Power: 0.0 dBmV
Total Bytes Sent: 412659285 Bytes
Total Bytes Received: 0 Bytes

sundaze1, Feb 19, 11:00pm
Changing to Telecom is not an option, nor do I think that there's anything wrong that warrants such a crazy move. Never had such cheap phone bills as with XNet.

spyware, Feb 19, 11:03pm
Figures suggest connection to cabinet given 8.0 dB attenuation so all is good.

sundaze1, Feb 19, 11:22pm
From internet research, it seems likely that the QOS (quality of service) reservation settings (on) may have something to do with it.

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