D Link wireless adapter help

bears4ever, Feb 19, 11:09pm
Hi, I just brought a wireless adapter hoping to use it on my desk top computer making it wireless. It doesn't come with the cdso I was hoping to get thefree download from the D Link website but I am having trouble finding it, any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

twaymouth, Feb 19, 11:13pm

spyware, Feb 19, 11:13pm
Hardly helping us if you won't give model number. Website itself is dlink.co.nz

bears4ever, Feb 19, 11:31pm
Thanks so much twaymouth,

carkitter, Feb 19, 11:45pm
That info is completely unnecessary, but you get bonus points for being the first one to criticise the OP. You are upholding the Computing Forum reputation well.

drcspy, Feb 20, 1:51am
quite right......a lot of people simply dont seem to comprehend that info is useful and in fact can be critical......why dont they realise this obvious thing ?......i dunno.......but they DO need to be told sometimes..

spyware, Feb 20, 3:05am
Really, dlinks website (even have a NZ domain) is easier to find than googles so if the op wants a link to the exact driver then the model number surely is very important.

wombatunder, Feb 20, 3:09am
Don't deny catlitter his opportunity to gripe about this board.How could you be so MEAN?

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