Adobe Flash Player Problem

Can anyone please tell me why when i download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player it says its 100% complete after downloading it but when i go to fill in this survey online it says i need to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player? i have done it 10 times and still nothing it says its complete,i even restarted comp and still nothing GRRRRR dont know what to do

geek_rae.les, Feb 21, 11:36 am

You also have to install it.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 21, 11:45 am

Maybe flash is disabled in your browser. Google "how to enable flash [insert browser you use here]".

geek_lostdude, Feb 21, 11:46 am

I had exactly the same problem and then I went looking for help and found the following link, but I am still not confident to actually do it!

geek_onekiwigirl, Feb 21, 11:55 am

hey kiwigirl so do u still have the problem tho?

geek_rae.les, Feb 21, 12:00 pm

Yes I do and now I have just tried to do the above and find that on Windows 7 I have no access to the Documents and settings folder!I guess there has to be another way?

geek_onekiwigirl, Feb 21, 12:07 pm

Thats an old article. If you have an upto date v of chrome then you have flash installed and running by default unless you specifically disabled it. and your chrome version will automatically update unless you specifically disabled that too.
Check your plugins.

geek_ross1970, Feb 21, 12:14 pm

I looked and it said I had 10,2,154,12 which I am not sure is that a version number or what? Then I went on line and it said the latest one is!So how would I check what version I do have on windows 7?

geek_onekiwigirl, Feb 21, 12:24 pm

For Chrome - options - under the bonnet - privacy content settings - plugins - click on "disable individual plugins". A new window will open showing your plugins including(?) flash.

geek_ross1970, Feb 21, 12:30 pm

and Documents and settings in Win7 isn't actually a normal folder as in xp, it's just junctions/links to the c:\users\.... folders so don't go trying to do stuff in there anyway. Anything you want should be in c:\users\yourname\appdata....

geek_ross1970, Feb 21, 12:31 pm

Thanks Ross1970, all my plugins had disable next to them so I changed that for some, or should enable all of them?

geek_onekiwigirl, Feb 21, 12:53 pm

Sorry they were all enabled, had another look, all was well, so not sure why I have not got the latest updates?

geek_onekiwigirl, Feb 21, 1:09 pm

That is ( the 1 you listed ) the latest flash plugin version for chrome.

geek_ross1970, Feb 21, 1:27 pm

hey kiwigirl i just found and fixed the problem i googled the problem and it told me to go to IE tools then options thencheck enable active scripts and Java applets and i did as they were disabled and i really dont know why they were disabled now i can do my survey thanks to youandeveryone else for helping and trying to find answers i appreciate the help definately *GOOGLE* is da *BOMB* TOO

geek_rae.les, Feb 21, 1:28 pm

sorry Onekiwigirl i was calling you kiwigirl just realised my apologies and thank you for your views and experience with the same problem as me but if you havent got it right yet try what i did and see if that works i hope it does for you. take care. and to all you people who had suggestions and trying to help me thank you kindly Have a Great Arvo and take care

geek_rae.les, Feb 21, 1:34 pm

One kiwigirl i have given you the wrong info on where to go to solve your problem for Flash Player. go to IE thento Tools, click Options, select security tab,then Custom Level, scroll down to Scripting Section,Enable Active Scripting,and Scripting Java Applets then click Ok,Restart your computer.that should work if you have the exact problem as me.I really dont know why they were, or how they were disabled in the first place, but im happy its working properly now thanks to Google.

geek_rae.les, Feb 21, 1:46 pm