Acer emachines D732Z,mousepad doesn't recognize hyperlinks!

sharon, Feb 21, 5:56am
Hello everybody, I need help.

My Acer emachines D732Z is 2 months old. Snce 2 days, it's mousepad isn't clicking on hyperlinks.

The arrow moves around anywhere, has not slowed down. But, doesn't show links, when I click no action taken either.

Same with the tabs,window- minimize, maximize, close buttons.

I can't put cursor where I want either.

Now I have to use the keyboard- tab to select any link. or up/down arrows to come up/down the page.

Sometimes after trying for 10+ times link works with the mousepad itself. Or by keeping the select arrow on a link and Right clicking ( or something like that)..

What could be wrong with this? It's only with clickable items- links, buttons, form fields. A virus?!

sharon, Feb 21, 6:18am
I was working on Mozilla firefox.
I checked with IE, in that link is recognized, i.e. (the finger pointing icon) shows up. (sigh!) That's it, can't click though.
BTW, Adobe works perfectly! including links!
So it's only with the browsers..Will update if I observe any other symptom.

Am using updated Symantec ant-virus.

Any quick suggestion?

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