Brother Printer

crazycowe, Feb 21, 7:46am
Iv'e just got brother MFC34200C from TMit had came with no instruction book or dis. Can anyone tell me where to go to to set it up on my pc & how the hell do you change the ink in it. I have found the ink but don't know how to get it out to change it

drcspy, Feb 21, 7:49am where else ?

peterj116, Feb 21, 8:02am
There's a reason people on here get vague, unhelpful answers like that.One of them is because users ask here before making an effortthemselves.The other is because computer equipment & model numbers need to be exact.I had to read your feedback to see that you actually have an MFC-3420C.Here....drivers and manual.'re welcome.

peterj116, Feb 21, 8:03am
(Not a criticism of you, drcspy."My car's broken"."What model is it?""".)

drcspy, Feb 21, 4:31pm
yeh well soemtimes I give out minimal assistance to someone perhaps because I seems to me that they haven't even TRIED to help themselves..........I still shake my head in wonder that someone who's already ON the internet cant figure out that google has all the answers........and that the obviousl place to get printer software is from teh makers website..........

crazycowe, Feb 21, 10:51pm
yes I did try to look on google(drcspy) but didn't help in getting the ink out as the ink has gone under a part that I can't get it out without undoing the screws this is totally different model to my old one

drcspy, Feb 21, 10:56pm
it pays and helps to mention such things.....

crazycowe, Feb 21, 11:06pm
so how do I get the ink out if it's underneath the plastic with out taken the screws out

drcspy, Feb 21, 11:18pm
well it's not a brother MFC34200C
it IS a brother MFC3420C

BIG difference

tried here ?

peterj116, Feb 21, 11:24pm

drcspy, Feb 21, 11:36pm
and theres the lesson - make DAMN sure you have the CORRECT MODEL number when looking for info........

crazycowe, Feb 21, 11:44pm
hey guys thanks for all your help. we are all not smart asses with pc& printers you know

peterj116, Feb 21, 11:45pm
Time to give you the benefit of the doubt & hope the original post was just a typo.
Is it working now?

peterj116, Feb 21, 11:50pm
Since it's a second-hand printer, it wouldn't hurt to give the print head a clean:-1 Press Ink.-2 Press UP or Down to select Cleaning. -Press Menu/Set.-3 Press Up or Down to select the colour you want to clean.-Press Menu/Set.-The machine will clean the print head. When cleaning is
finished, the machine will go back standby mode automatically.

drcspy, Feb 21, 11:53pm
YOU dont have to be you just have to be100% ACCURATE with computers ALWAYS

richms, Feb 22, 11:33am
Good luck with a used brother inkjet - many cleans and still one colour will probably fail, and all the call center can tell you is to do more cleans and that it is out of warranty. Worst inkjets ever.

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