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budgel, Feb 27, 12:02am
I was told that adobe flash is bloated, and slows down one's computer, and have noticed that my computer is faster without it installed.

Can anyone recommend any other flash player that works better?

r.g.nixon, Feb 27, 12:15am
I doubt it slows it down.
I doubt there is one that works as well.

vtecintegra, Feb 27, 12:16am
It only 'slows down your computer' when something Flash is running.

There isn't a properly functioning alternative either, although some less than fully featured ones do exist:

budgel, Feb 27, 12:24am
Ok thanks, I'll put it back.

vtecintegra, Feb 27, 12:26am
If you are using a web browser like Chrome or Firefox install and ad-blocker - this will stop Flash ads from loading and to be honest they are what is causing the problem 90% of the time.

carkitter, Feb 27, 12:31am
Why does anyone need Flash when there is HTML5?
Flash slows down smartphones but in general laptops can cope okay.
Browsers on the other hand can't. Flash often causes crashes. Apple says it's a leading cause of crashes on it's OS. Flash also has security issues along with other Adobe products namely Reader.

I wouldn't put it back.

I'd go further and uninstall Java too. Java is the new leader in security vulnerabilies on Windows ahead of Reader with Microsoft Office products having tightened up significantly over the last year.

vtecintegra, Feb 27, 12:34am
Simple - because a lot of Flash content is not available as HTML5.HTML5 is making inroads on streaming video but that is about it, anything interactive is still very likely to be Flash.

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