Preparing a used PC for sale? advice plse

should we remove hard drive? or is there some way to delete old stuff on there? would ppl buy it do you think without a hard drive?

geek_worker3, Feb 27, 2:55 pm

Run formatting programs such as "Dban" to clean the hdd of any prg's including the operating system
Sell with a fresh install of the o/s or not depends on IF you have an install disk & know where to find drivers or not.

geek_mrfxit, Feb 27, 2:59 pm

Just delete your stuff.

geek_lythande1, Feb 27, 3:14 pm

Add a new user account. Remove the other accounts. Empty the recycle bin. Fill the remaining HDD space with multiple copies of the largest files that will fit. Then delete them (kind of like a secure overwrite of all unallocated sectors).

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 27, 3:39 pm

Nuh, just format, install ANY operating system you can find/ format again & sell it.

geek_mrfxit, Feb 27, 3:47 pm

killdisk the hdd, I always do that.then reinstall clean and with drivers and any other software that came with it like nero.Thats all I do.Maybe also chuck on avg free, adobe reader, and openoffice etc...

geek_chessman, Feb 27, 5:12 pm

the security conscious (fussy buggers) are suggesting you WIPE the hard drive and then ZERO WIPE it which will cause it to be impossible for anyone to ever retreive any data or files that previously were on it.....

the other slightly less dramatic step which for your average purposes is fine is to make a new user account (control panel / users - and be sure to make it an 'administrator acct') and then log off the current one, log into the new acct and remove your 'old' acct (controlpanel/users) then use a program such as 'eraser' to zero wipe what free space remains in the computer.......this will make it pretty unlikely anyone will be able to practically retreive your old data etc off a large proportion of the'll leave all the existing programs on there but they'll be 'clean' ...........

otherwise if you're really paranoid..........remove the drive......and smash it up with an axe or sledgehammer.......

geek_drcspy, Feb 27, 6:01 pm

otherwise if you're really paranoid..........remove the drive......and smash it up with an axe or sledgehammer.......[/quote]


geek_worker3, Feb 28, 8:20 am

Part of the possible problem with leaving the existing prg's intact is registration codes.
What if you want to reinstall those prg's on the next computer & they are prg's that "ph home" to check for valid reg codes?

geek_mrfxit, Feb 28, 8:47 am

IOW you're 'softloading' pirated software. Either you're selling it with the machine (which means you can't continue to use it yourself) or you uninstall it. Simple enough?

geek_little_egypt, Feb 28, 12:05 pm

Exactly. Just delete your personal stuff. Sure, a tech could retrieve it, but come on, who bothers? not your average 2nd PC buyer, in fact most wouldn't know how.
And whats so secret? The usual boring family pics, accumulated carp etc.

Unless you have something to hide.............

geek_lythande1, Feb 28, 1:18 pm

Delete your personal stuff then zero-fill with ccleaner. There are people who buy second-hard drives and computers and run recuva or similar tools just to see if they can find any interesting personal files, and then resell them again.

geek_little_egypt, Feb 28, 2:55 pm