Advice needed please re. new laptop...I'm lost!

debbie7, Feb 28, 3:19am
I'm looking to buy a new laptop & have no idea what I'm looking at! I used to know what to look for but there are too many new terms I don't understand! If someone could please tell me what some of them mean I'd be really grateful :)
The ones I'm looking at are all 4gb RAM...descriptions are duo channel; DDR3 & DDR3 duo channel. Are they all the same thing and what is duo channel?
They're all 1gb dedicated graphics & all ATI Mobility Radeon...HD4650 or HD5650. One says 'switchable', what does this mean?
And CPU? Well, I'm totally in the fog there! Core 2 Quad Q9000; Core i3 350m; Core i5 450m; Core i5 540m. Then there's turbo boost and hyper-threading! Haven't got a clue what any of this means. Last time I looked at comps just knew it needed to be at least 2ghz CPU aye!
Yes, I'm looking for a (reasonably) good gaming laptop that can handle things like Sims 3, Oblivion, Dragon Age 1, and 2 when it comes out, probably WOW as well now my daughters are playing that...they're bound to drag me in.
Any clarification would be a great help to me. Cheers :)

papariccardo, Feb 28, 3:28am
Buy any one, then I will swap you for my 'classic' Acer lol.

Who are you getting to build it/ supply it? What costs are quoted? They all sound very capable, even for gaming.

drcspy, Feb 28, 3:30am
unless you need the portability then buy a desktop you'll get much better hardware at at lower price.........gaming laptops are NOT cheap

debbie7, Feb 28, 3:45am
I've already got a desktop drcspy, I have an imac (which actually spends most of it's time in windows now that my daughter's set up bootcamp for me!). It's portability I'm after with this. My son's going into hospital for major surgery next week and we're gonna be in there for about 4 weeks...4 weeks in Starship? No computer or internet or gaming? No bl**dy way! So my husband says I can spend $2000 on a laptop (cos he's not the one sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 4 weeks is he). Plus we go to Taupo a lot for breaks with our son and I only have a PSP to game on there. Jeez, it's a hard life aye. I do take my old laptop but it's over 10 years old now and I'm getting sick of playing Diablo & Baldur's Gate on it and can't handle anything newer.
Those laptop specs are off Justlaptops website but I'll go on pricespy once I know what these things mean. Also PBTech has been recommended to me. Prices varied $1695 to $2089. All upgrade to 6gb RAM for $199.

debbie7, Feb 28, 3:46am
Those were HP and Sony laptops. Would also look at Toshiba and someone else told me about Alienware but I've never heard of them so I'll have to google that.

papariccardo, Feb 28, 4:01am
+1 more recommendation. I now use them exclusively, they seem to be here for the long haul, not fly by night.

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