Free wii points!!

mystic_g_nome, Mar 7, 4:43am
Wii Connection Ambassador promotion for New Zealand & Australia.

If you haven't connected your Wii to the internet you can get 500 Wii points from me. Just login on the Wii Shop Channel, Then click on "Connection Ambassador Promotion" and then click on "Person Who Was Helped". After that type my Wii number: 7841 1964 4656 1515 and send me a email on with your Wii number.

Once I register your number you will get 500 Wii points to exhange them on whatever you want from the Wi Shop Channel!

Remember that if I don't get your number I won't be able to register you and you won't get the 500 points.

NOTE: This is only valid if your first connection to the Wii Shop Channel has been in less than 30 days.

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