Photo shop advice, please help

johnnicoker, Mar 20, 12:13am
Hi there, I would like to buy a photoshop software pack. I asked a friend about it and he said that all I would need to start (absolute beginner and don't wanna spend a fortune until I know its my thing) is a Photoshop 3 pack. I looked on trade me and all sorts of things came up. What exactly am I looking for. I want the thing that helps me enhance my photos etc. thank you

r.g.nixon, Mar 20, 12:20am
Photoshop Elements should do. What do you mean by 'pack'?

rgtrading, Mar 20, 12:41am
You could download and try a Paint Shop Pro Trial. X3 goes for $130+ on

johnnicoker, Mar 20, 1:47am
Im not sure, I just wanted to be able to load some software that enabled me to add good font, change colours, add bits etc. I have always used Photo gallery on my computer but it doesn't give me enuf choices, eg, I took some photos last night and wanted to rotate one just a lil and also wanted to add the moon from one shot to another pic where I didn't get the moon. Just stuff like that. and what site is the best to try a trial one? thank you

frogslegs, Mar 20, 1:59am is where you can downloaded a trial of paintshop pro. I would recommend this as it's quite easy to use but very strong in features. I learnt to use paintshop pro before I learned photoshop and it's price is excellent for what it does. I would also recommend photoshop elements.. it's sort of like a less feature full version of photoshop but certainly has enough for what you want to do.
You should be able to download a trial here:

You could also try the gimp. It's an open source image editor and free. I'm not sure how hard it is to use though as I've never had any experience with it but it's free so yay!

johnnicoker, Mar 20, 2:22am
Thank you very much for all your time and help:)

pcfix4u, Mar 20, 2:25am

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