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repairs_hlv_420, Mar 24, 11:54pm
Its algood mate I use it aswell and having been doing PC's for quite awhile and have seen first hand the compatibility issues across the platforms. Only time I use Linux these days if people can't afford a licence for an OS or hardware is being bogged ]

Yup hes just a linux nut, I too use linux but I don't preach about it.[/quote]

repairs_hlv_420, Mar 24, 11:54pm
Wow, Should I gather a list of all unsupported hardware with linux

little_egypt, Mar 24, 11:57pm
I don't go looking for unsupported hardware. I just get asked to reinstall / repair / upgrade machines fairly often. And just about every time I observe that not all the hardware works in Windows (usually XP, but often Win7 too) and that if I boot an Ubuntu CD most or all of the same hardware is supported just fine by Linux.

little_egypt, Mar 24, 11:59pm
So if you have a second hand machine with NO OS and you want to install an OS on it, you have a few options;

1) Pay for XP. And then spend quite a long time finding the drivers.

2) Pay more for Win7, spend less time finding the drivers, but discover that Win7 doesn't run that great on older hardware

3) Put ubuntu on it (which is free) and find that probably 99% of things work right away.

badcam, Mar 25, 12:07am
Could someone please explain to me, just exactly where Lil'E has been preaching? Anyone?

johnf_456, Mar 25, 12:07am
1) PC will already probably have a coa attached
2) With the right drivers 7 does run ok on older gear compared to its previous version vista.
3) It is not a 99% chance it will work, followed by the fact older stuff will not work on linux been a linux user also here not to mention some older specific apps some users rely on are not avaliable on linux. Then on top of that a lot of people find adapting to new versions of windows hard enough let alone going to a linux based operating system would freak a lot of people out.

But then what if the kids want to run a game or run a game they picked up at the school fairI don't think linux will do with what most home users know. Simple it is not right for everyone, just use what you are comfortable with.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 12:08am
By telling people to put linux on the pc and harping on how good linux is, basically implying its fool proof.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 12:10am
My wife who's a complete and total computer N00B has managed to download, install and play quite a number of downloaded (windows) games from popcap on her computer.

... which runs debian.

I suspect most of the older games she might pick up a school fair would also work just fine.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 12:11am
Thats probably because you teach her, other people do not have the on hand linux support in the same household.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 12:12am
BTW for the record, before I switched the whole family to Ubuntu (about 2005) the kids used to get windows games out of the library. More often than not they wouldn't run on Windows XP without some patch or update. I've had LESS trouble running Windows games in Linux than I used to have running them in Windows.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 12:13am
No,I just anticipated that she might and installed WINE.

It's totally standard. Any normal ubuntu user can do the same by going to 'add/remove programs' and selecting the WINE package.

badcam, Mar 25, 12:15am
Well, I suppose one persons preaching is ministering to another.

rua69, Mar 25, 12:16am
Looks like a troll thread to me. But I recommend Mint anyway. And a chill pill for johnf.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 12:18am
Well people just need to know linux is not the golden solution. Why don't you take a help pill so you can post something helpful. Its the same old crap, oh go linux. It is not the dam golden solution, no one knows what sort of hardware the OP has or software they will run on it. So saying linux is the solution is crap.

rua69, Mar 25, 12:23am
Huh? No one's saying Linux is perfect. Neither is Windows. Mint or Ubuntu are ridiculously easy to try out and ideal for this situation.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 12:25am
I'm saying Linux is more likely to support everything right from a fresh install than Windows. That's my experience with one hell of a lot of second hand hardware and backed up by solid evidence from the developers who make that hardware work. http://ostatic.com/blog/linux-supports-more-devices-than-any-other-os

johnf_456, Mar 25, 12:26am
Well it seems its always the golden solution what os choice is involved. I have tired showing people linux myself but they just kick up a fuss moan has they cannot get the support like they do with windows.

r.g.nixon, Mar 25, 12:29am
Good reading & googling skills are all that is required.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 12:30am
They're not asking in the right places.

#ubuntu on freenode.
nzlug or wlug mailing lists
Right here (I'm always happy to answer Linux support questions)

johnf_456, Mar 25, 12:30am
Yeah but sometimes no matter how much you google you cannot get some stuff to work in linux and some people struggle to turn a pc on let alone configure it.

rua69, Mar 25, 12:31am
That's not Linux's problem, it's theirs. Or yours. Don't you tell them that all the Linux support they could ever need is available online, for free?

johnf_456, Mar 25, 12:31am
The average joe bloggs does not want to go all that hassle, alot get help from friends family which provide free support all of which mostly use windows. So asking the average mum dad user to go on some geek support site is not the solution, not everyone likes writting out command after command.

rua69, Mar 25, 12:32am
Then they're going to struggle with any OS, aren't they?

johnf_456, Mar 25, 12:32am
Bull shit its not mine if you learnt to read above a few posts up I use linux also myself but I just don't harp on trying to convert people. So I ain't no god, I just let them choose, plain and simple it is not always the best solution to a problem.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 12:33am
Yes which makes it harder again been linux when they cannot ask gran children or even friends etc to get basic help. Its not like the local community classes at high schools teach you linux, well around here anyway.

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