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cybertao, Mar 25, 1:30am
If you have any other alternatives for someone to freely try, you should suggest them.

lostdude, Mar 25, 1:30am
My point is, you can't compare the two platforms on installation experience alone without using a fair playing field. Use a Linux distro released on or before 2002 to compare XP and the newest distros on hardware released after 2006 to compare to 7. Any hardware in between, then Linux will win anyway.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 1:32am
So basically you just agreed with me that Linux supports more hardware right off the live CD than Windows (XP or 7), without needing to go seek out drivers?

BTW as well as supporting more hardware directly from a fresh install, Ubuntu comes preinstalled with a lot more useful software than Windows too. Go search that recent "things to install on a new machine" thread, just about everything on most people's list there's already something in Ubuntu that does the same job, or it's antivitus/antimalware/firewall-
/defrag software that isn't required in linux.

lostdude, Mar 25, 1:42am
You don't have to preach alternative linux solutions to me... I use Linux too. But most of them either don't look as good or don't do as much as their Windows counterparts. Remember, aesthetics appeal does matter because if it didn't then Apple will still be trying to get a foot in the door.

repairs_hlv_420, Mar 25, 1:46am
Haha are you for real?

repairs_hlv_420, Mar 25, 1:51am
What are you trying to prove? lol windows update sort 99 percent of that out

repairs_hlv_420, Mar 25, 1:53am
You kidding your always talking about linux, don't know if its preaching but the mojority of stuff that comes from you is about linux or a point your trying to prove IMO

little_egypt, Mar 25, 1:54am
Whatever floats your boat;

http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Win2-7+Pack?content=113264 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/myfirefox/

Just a reminder; right now the OP has a machine that can't connect to the net, and almost certainly (they just haven't noticed yet) has no sound and crap video. And they likely don't know much about computers so finding out exactly what they have and helping them find drivers is going to take quite a while. Have fun. Count me out.

BTW if anyone wants a free factory-pressed Ubuntu 10.04 CD just drop me your mailing address, I've still got a pretty good stack of them.

I think most people here know how to reach me already ;-)

cybertao, Mar 25, 1:57am
Oddly enough, they seem more interested in bashing a linux solution than helping with a Windows problem.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 1:58am
On XP? I don't think so!

little_egypt, Mar 25, 2:00am
That's because until the OP comes back with exact hardware details there's nothing they can do to help. And I don't think OP knows what hardware they have or how to find out.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 2:02am
+1 same goes for little egypt. I use linux also repairs hlv, even typing this message on one.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 2:08am
Totally missing the point.

OP has a nwe machine. They want to do shit with it and right now they can't.

All I'm saying is chuck an ubuntu or mint CD in and see how far they get. Chances are most things will work and they'll be able to do whatever they wanted. And if not, linux costs nothing or very little (in dollars or time, $4 buy-now on trademe and they'll know if it's going to work from the live CD in the time it takes to boot)

They've already tried installing some unknown OS (guarantee it's winxp, possibly win7) and nobody else is providing any better answers yet.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 2:09am
Well the fact its already running it would be easier to just get the correct driver, provided you know what your doing it would take not long at all.

repairs_hlv_420, Mar 25, 2:18am
Sorry on Windows 7 I shoud have made that clear

repairs_hlv_420, Mar 25, 2:22am
I do get what your saying mate.

For no frills setup yes, but after the installation its well...I won't go on but then again maybe I should take up ur ubuntu offer and put some serious time into it. mmmm

johnf_456, Mar 25, 2:25am
Yup a lan driver is all what it is needed.

lostdude, Mar 25, 2:39am
I'm not talking about OS here and you can't chuck FF in the mix because it already is cross-platform. I'm talking about most software written for linux. They either look good but do a crap job or do an excellent job but looks horrible. For the most part, even professionals that will benefit the most from a piece of software that ticks all the boxes for the work they do will dismiss it even before trying just by looking at it. It's just human nature, even though it goes without saying, nobody _really_ holds true to it until they are forced to learn otherwise.

("Don't judge a book by its cover" if you didn't get the reference.)

cybertao, Mar 25, 2:45am

lostdude, Mar 25, 2:48am
LOL and your point is? Go fire up a Linux distro from 2001 and post it here so we can have a laugh at its GUI as well.

cybertao, Mar 25, 2:53am
Why would I fire up a distro from 2001 when I can just download a cutting edge release for nix?

flewy, Mar 25, 2:59am
lucky drcspy is banned ;)

lostdude, Mar 25, 3:02am
So you can be fair in your prejudice. XP looks like crap now, granted but so would a 10yr old debian distro.

foxray2000, Mar 25, 3:06am
I think the problem repairs_hiv_420 and johnny tantrum have had with Linux is because they put the Install CD in upside down

cybertao, Mar 25, 3:11am
You're deflecting.You keep going on about style and linux being fugly.
But how many times have you seen, and still see, computers with that default theme?

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