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johnf_456, Mar 25, 3:12am
Yup, if your going to compare compare something from the same time.

repairs_hlv_420, Mar 25, 3:17am
Really is that the best you have got christ foxray I'll give you a few hours to think up something better than come have a stab at me.Thanks for the giggle though.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 3:17am
I don't appreciate the personal attacks mate it is uncalled for, just because you do not like what I have to say you have to resort to saying I am having a tantrum. I'll repeat myself for what the 3rd or 4th time I am a linux user. I have 4 installs at home of ubuntu, debian, mint and puppy on a old shit box I loan out to people. 3 of which has not worked out of the box and needed a lot of messing about to get them working correctly.

psy-trading, Mar 25, 3:31am
I wonder if the OP found anything useful in any of this thread.

repairs_hlv_420, Mar 25, 3:32am
LOL I was just thinking that bit of a hijack sorry OP

little_egypt, Mar 25, 3:48am

little_egypt, Mar 25, 3:50am
Every time I go sort out a computer at a small business.

In the real world people just do work on their computer, they don't sit at their desk all day choosing the perfect wallpaper and desktop theme.

adrian, Mar 25, 4:05am
Yea, I'd like a copy of it.!
02 7 three 67 two 8 six 1.

badcam, Mar 25, 4:13am
No. Two of them had used Windows for years, including Win ME. One hadn't been near a PC before.

adrian, Mar 25, 4:23am
I know i can download ubuntu free, well actually its not free, i get 2gb a month on telecom T-stik. & ubuntu is 687mb so it certainly eats into my monthly data rate which cost me $60 p/month.
so getting my hands on a copy of Linux ubuntu or Mint so i can try it out would be cool, well lets say better than the Vista i have at present. (no laughing allowed)
I dont have any computer problems at present other than i'm starting to learn about them & just dont know enough.
I want to learn lots so i can change my career into IT work, perhaps network eng or computer repairs.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 4:25am
Looks do not care to most business as long has it does the job they are happy. They do not have time to be in lah lah land mucking about like a home user its a production pc.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 4:27am
You'll want mint then.. ubuntu's a bit limited for things like multimedia and flash until you install another 80 MB of codecs and plugins, which is easy enough if you have broadband but a bit of a pain if you don't... mint comes with them all preinstalled.

foxray2000, Mar 25, 4:28am
sorry, whens the cue for the applause?

foxray2000, Mar 25, 4:28am
keeping it simple, just for you.

adrian, Mar 25, 4:46am
Yea that sounds awesome, ive never tried Linux yet, was going to years ago when suse was the rave, just got too busy with family i guess.
Anyway, things have changed now & im changing with the times so.......
bring it on, LoL

little_egypt, Mar 25, 4:47am
"I don't appreciate the personal attacks mate it is uncalled for"

I do a hell of a lot of work with Windows too. Occasionally I have a bit of a brainfart where I can't figure out the right way to do something, and rant about how broken Windows is. A lot more often I just quietly fix problems and TM never hears about it.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 4:48am
Ok sorry I just got a bit heated up then. But yip you do rant about windows often lol. Its not like a duck to water simply put.

lostdude, Mar 25, 5:15am
To you NOW, but when & what distro did that ss come from? It's the same as Windows 2K default theme. Clean & functional definitely, but only appropriate for preschools, hardly. Back then, ppl marvelled at the XP interface because it was the first of its kind and there was NOTHING to compare it to. Yeah now you can say it looks horrible, but thats because we've seen how many different styles on how many different platforms come to light?... Can't count right.

cybertao, Mar 25, 5:25am
So what's the excuse for people to still use it in 2011, based on your qualifier of taste and style?

lostdude, Mar 25, 5:49am
The excuse for many, is that they either don't know about linux, too scared to try it or they prefer XP for whatever reason. You'd be surprised how many people don't even know linux exists but then you'd be more surprised by the amount of people that DO know about linux, but prefer Windows.

Most people that prefer XP, don't even keep the default theme. They either install Windowblinds or hack the themes manager.

v8sronman, Mar 25, 6:44am
Intel pentium 4 Dell 3.0 ghz cpu and xp pro is loaded.

johnf_456, Mar 25, 6:57am

repairs_hlv_420, Mar 25, 10:17am
Or perhaps your just simple and its the norm for you, If you want to be funny try a little harder like I said I'm ready when you are

v8sronman, Mar 25, 4:01pm
so i got a cd but when loaded it on there is no local connection so i am able to get a website.Any suggestions on how to get it going please !

little_egypt, Mar 25, 5:56pm
Install Linux Mint!

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