printer toner change problem

johnn, Jun 1, 6:32am
Printer toner change problem The toner ran out in brother HL-1040 so put new toner cartridge in but now it is printing way too dark. I took it all apart & cleaned it out, the first page was not bad but all the next ones are black all over the page so I think too much toner is going onto the page. I cleaned it all out again & same thing, first page Ok all the next ones dark all over. I have cleaned the corona wire & scanner window etc, what else can i do?

johnn, Jun 1, 7:50am
I have found that when I leave the printer for a while & then print the second page it is much better but print page after page they get darker, but then leave it awhile & the next one is lighter, so it would seem the problem has nothing to do with cleaning the drum etc, any ideas?

olack, Jun 1, 8:42am
I found out recently...because I bought a second hand canon mp110 printer that works the maintence there is advice about the bottom of the roller???...hehe...that may have ink on it , that is if the printed paper comes out with ink other than where it is supposed to be. There was also advice as to how to clean it. Do you want me to have a look in the maintenance software I have here for you, or have I got it wrong...?

johnn, Jun 1, 8:55am
Thanks olack but your printer is an inkjet, I need advice on Laser, thanks anyway.

olack, Jun 1, 9:23am
This first picture gave me a clue, the 2nd is of.. ...a screenshot I took of what I mentioned before, for the inkjet printer...I liked this 2nd picture I thought you better have a look at it also .... sorry to have to bore you but I rather enjoyed doing this....

olack, Jun 1, 9:25am
I looked at this website but I am still clueless..

olack, Jun 1, 9:29am
Just thinking about that paper folding could try folding 2 pieces of paper and reversing the second piece and do as the Windows XP Canon printer maintenance reads in that screenshot as an experiment...if any ink prints out of place onto the paper then a roller or two may get cleaned up.

olack, Jun 1, 10:17am
Yeah, I spose that is a bit dull of me...goes away to keep quiet...alot...

johnn, Jun 1, 10:31am
No, come back, at least you are bumping this up I did the study on how because of static the toner sticks to the page in the right places & then the wire de statics it & the element bonds the toner to the paper. So I understand how my laser printer works but I don't understand why after changing the toner is is now putting toner all over the pages but is not bad when the printing one page after giving the printer a rest. I do thank you for showing interest, please don't be discouraged.

olack, Jun 1, 10:48am missed an installation step and I would think holds the answer. I did notice most problems reported in the forum at that website I looked at pointed at a particular problem, being a streakey black print and sometimes a grey on one side of the paper but cleaning the scanner bit that you mentioned, I think, the glass? solved that. Intelligent google searches have the right answers often...I am learning...

gibler, Jun 1, 10:52am
Maybe the new toner is just a dud does happen. Does this brother have a separate drum unit?

johnn, Jun 1, 11:10am
Truth is I got the printer for $2 off here & it was advertised as needing new toner. when I got it home it worked perfect for about 15 pages over a week but then died & the tank is empty so I brought a new toner ($35) which is genuine brother so shouldn't be a problem. It does print the first page OK but the next pages are very black so I know extra toner is getting out of the tank but I don't know why. On A google search they say these are not the best printers & drums cost more than a new printer (drum & toner cartridge are seperate) so maybe my $2 bargain is not such a bargain afterall.

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