In Thunderbird, how to change the default printer?

jaja6, Apr 11, 6:26am
It keep using the old one and I could not find anywhere I can change it. Thanks.

pheonix, Apr 11, 6:40am
It uses the windows default printer. Go into printers and make sure your new one is set as default.
Usually in XP it has a black tick next to it.

jaja6, Apr 11, 7:51am
Windows (XP) and Firefox are both set to New printer as default, but Thunderbird still stick to the old. Not sure why.

gibler, Apr 11, 7:58am

jaja6, Apr 11, 8:12am
Got it, thanks Gibler.
That guy got a good sense of humour. I think we should share:
"Everything was happy in Printerland until I tried to print an email from Thunderbird. Thunderbird kept selecting my old printer ??

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