Cheap power adaptors ?

shane.64, Apr 13, 10:22am
Maybe its one of the cheap power adaptors that melt ? for sale on TM

swivel, Apr 13, 10:35am
yeah but then, Smoke alarm went off, so they took the battery out. Ask yourself

shane.64, Apr 13, 10:42am
Just becuse I got one from here and it melted,Hate to think what would of happen if I left it on and went to bed ?Has this happen to anybody that got one from here ?

vtecintegra, Apr 13, 10:53am
Why do you jump to that conclusion?The have been plenty of instances of brand name laptop batteries exploding and power bricks heating up enough to set things alight - it isn't necessarily just cheap knock off gear.

johnf_456, Apr 13, 10:58am
True just the chinese ones have a higher chance

vtecintegra, Apr 13, 11:03am
Not sure what you mean by this.The adapters on all my electronics (including Apple branded stuff) are made in China.

johnf_456, Apr 13, 11:04am
cheap nasty ones I mean, as in the poorly built ones. Aka the ones that run hot and are dodgy from the word go.

hakatere1, Apr 13, 2:11pm
The dead lady having removed batts from smoke alarm no way absolves the manufacturer of crap, dangerous power supply. She was the victim here.

lucky.gadgets, Apr 13, 2:48pm
Most likely to be the batteries in the laptop that went on fire than the power adapter. Unless the power adapter had clothing or something dumped on it to prevent ventilation and cooling.

pcfix4u, Apr 13, 8:26pm
So sad.

foxray2000, Apr 13, 8:39pm
Its a little wake-up call to remember than anything plugged in can over heat, to make sure you don't cover it up, put it on a low flash point surface.

richms, Apr 14, 3:55am
Yeah, not like that muppet that charged a lipo powered plane on their bed.

twaymouth, Apr 14, 4:52am
Anything that is well designed should shut down if it over heats or is overloaded, The problem is that most of the cheap generic power supply's / chargers that are available on here have no safety features, They are built as simply and cheaply as possible and a lot of them do not meet New Zealands electrical regulations.

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