Orcon best ever deal $70 with 30Gb and phone line,

jaja6, Apr 14, 7:01am
Orcon's best ever deal $70/month with 30Gb and phone line. Is it any good? Any one with Orcon happy with their service? I am with Vodafone for $90 for 30Gb and a phone line. I thought I was getting a bargain but broadband speed is a bit slow in the past weeks, at around 2000 kbps rather than 7000 in the past.

skyline_guy_r34, Apr 14, 7:16am
Wheres the link for this? Cant find it on their website

chessman, Apr 14, 7:16am
Orcon is great, im with them and never get slow speeds as far as webbrowsing goes, however they do restrict p2p during peak times

aragorn2003, Apr 14, 7:27am
wow thats good . never heard of such deal , where can i find out more?

Im with orcon and they arent to bad , no complaints

jaffakiwi, Apr 14, 7:35am
From what I can see that offer expired 31st March.It came with a 12 month contract.

aslan2, Apr 14, 7:44am
now it's $130

jaja6, Apr 14, 9:14am
I got the Flyer in my mail box this morning (on a big piece of cardboard). I checked too, it's not on their Web. I need to ring them tomorrow for that deal. Supposed to on www.orcon.net.nz/bestdealever. Their no. is 0800-564687. Offers ends 30th April 2011. I suspect this deal is for Auckland only and it must also be in their 'zone'.

guest, Aug 12, 4:53am
Good deal, but worst ever service I've experienced in my LIFE!!!. Repeatedly takes over 10 days to respond to support emails, never get through if I try to call.

I was on naked DSL, ask for a phone line to be connected...it's over 2 months now and still no phone line connected.

Requested a Genius plan, they confirmed...then 11 days later after repeated emails and trying to call with no success I finally get someone, turns out it was put in the system, so the fun starts all over again.

Finally they send me an email saying my genius is active, and its not!!! now I've been on hold for 30 minutes and still nothing!

what else, oh a bill payment went to iserve, took repeated print screens and emails before they found it then said they'd transfer it to the right place. Its almost 4 months later and its still on my bill as outstanding, I still get the odd phone call about and have to repeat my story again and again.

They disconnected my Internet once because of it.

Just a nightmare, if they don't have all these issues closed by the end of next week they can shove their whole service where it hurts and I'll cancel my service. No doubt that will take them 6 months to do!

Seriously a f'n joke of a company for support

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