Do laptops have built in wifi adaptors?

luckysnoop, Apr 15, 9:14pm
My parents own a PC and have now brought a laptop.Do laptops have built in wifi adaptor or do they need to buy one?

swivel, Apr 15, 9:17pm
Most have them,But some budget ones don't (Get what you pay for). But the WiFi is only for the access to a wireless access point in your home / business etc via the Wireless Modem.

johnf_456, Apr 15, 9:28pm
Yes, I have yet to find a new one today that doesn't even budget ones have them. Unless they are old.

malachiman, Apr 15, 11:21pm

You sure get what you pay for... the MIL brought an acer (dont ask) and it came with a webcam but no mic lol

project_gundam, Apr 16, 2:11am
Acer sucks.I have acer apspire 530 .Piece pf sh!t

malachiman, Apr 16, 5:40am
You must be new in here.

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