Setting up wireless printer from laptop

stells3, Apr 15, 11:17pm
Hi.I have checked previous messages but ther isn't a thread telling how to register a wireless printer onto my laptop.Is anyone able to help me set up this function please?

malachiman, Apr 15, 11:26pm
If your computer is connected to the same network it should see it, you just add it like any other printer.

stells3, Apr 15, 11:45pm
Yeah Ive added it okay, but it just doesn't seem to recognise it when I try to print to the printer.The documents stay queued until i plug it into the usb port.

rsr72, Apr 15, 11:53pm
Go to 'computer', 'printer', then right-click printer icon and click 'Make this the default printer'.....?

gyrogearloose, Apr 16, 12:27am
The wireless printer I bought came with an installation disk, you insert the disk and follow the prompts and voila! The installer searches the network for the printers and locates it. It installs the other software as well, like CD-LabelPrint, which otherwise you would need to do manually.

spyware, Apr 16, 1:20am
You have multiple drivers or what?? as again no details, if set to print via USB port then obviously that driver is configured incorrectly for printing to a TCP/IP port at a specific IP address. Maybe get help from someone with a clue.

Printer also needs to be part of your current wireless network, either infrastructure mode to your access point/router or ad-hoc to your laptop. You don't even mention if you have a wireless network.

stells3, Apr 16, 2:04am
Perhaps you didn't read my opening post.Yes, I am trying to get help from someone who has a clue - those clever and talented folk on the TM message board.They generally never let me down when I ask a question and are great problem solvers.

spyware, Apr 16, 2:52am
I have read your original post. You provide zero information.

If a printer driver is printing to a printer with an IP address of for example then it will have a TCP/IP port pointing to this address setup. If for instance you have your wireless printer receiving IP addresses via DHCP then it is possible that the IP address assigned to the printer will change and the above would not work.


Is wireless printer connected via infrastructure mode or adhoc mode??

Is a static IP address assigned to printer or are you using a DHCP server in access point/router to give out an IP address??

What TCP/IP port is your printer driver configured to print to???

spyware, Apr 16, 2:58am
P.S. Wireless printers have wired Ethernet ports. You can configure the printer with an IP address (one address on each interface) on both the wireless and wired interfaces via the wired interface using a cat5 patch lead connected directly to the Ethernet port. The tools to do so willbe on the CD. If you don't know what an IP address is then you're in for a hard time.

plumbernick, Apr 16, 4:05am
Stop showing off with the technical speak, nobody cares

mousely2, Apr 16, 4:52am
Think you may be Geeking a Few People out here!!

floydbloke, Apr 16, 6:53am
Not necessarily, my HP B209 is wireless but does not have a wired ethernet port.It initially required setting up through USB to configure the WiFi parameters (along with the HP bloatware).Once on the wireless network other PCs can get to it with a fairly lean driver that's smart enough to 'search' for the printer's IP address (DHCP assigned hence variable).

mousely2, Apr 17, 2:20am
Explain DHCP in Laymans Terms??

froggyb, Apr 17, 5:42am
i don't think by any means he is talking "geek talk" , very simple plain to the point english i sawand really if your having that much trouble setting it up maybe "dial a geek" or get some local pc person to come install it rather then be nasty and get all worked to someone trying to explain and help

floydbloke, Apr 17, 7:15am

The first couple of paragraphs should give you an idea of what it's about.

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