Help please. I need to make pc wireless.

han10, Apr 16, 10:12pm
Hi. I have had to move my desktop pc away from the telecom plug. I have an old dlink wireless router which the laptop and iphone work well on but need to somehow make my pc wireless. Am I better to use a usb wireless adapter or should I get an adapter card installed in my pc? I am used to the fairly quick broadband so don't want to slow this down. I live rural. I don't mind updating my router if need be to get a decent speed. ie If I buy a certain brand or size usb, will I need to have the compatible router or if certain combinations work better together. I am obviously not tech savvy so any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you.

gyrogearloose, Apr 16, 10:22pm
Get a USB wireless adapter that matches the "B", "G" or "N" printed on your wireless router. "N" is the fastest but you would be paying more than needed if your router can only do 802.11"G". If you router is 802.11B then I'd recommend replacing it with a G or N.

han10, Apr 16, 10:34pm
Thank you so much. Router is a DSL-G604T.

flick13, Apr 16, 10:59pm
First choice if possible (as the PC will be staying in one place) is to run an ethernet cable to it. Much more reliable.

If that is not an option - then yes wireless will be the way. That router is Wireless G.
In my opinion (from selling, installing etc these), you will get better results from a Wireless PCI card which will have an external (and usually more powerful) antenna, rather than a USB adapter that has an internal antenna.

deodar1, Apr 17, 12:01am
Use side cutters to remove all wiring-you'll need a wireless network card
unless the router is a Linksys WAG200G.This is a wireless gateway for as
many computers as you have on the network.They don't need cards and can
be hubs to enlarge network.I have one so they must be the best.

flick13, Apr 17, 12:39am
What the heck are you on about??? Side cutters to remove wiring??

han10, Apr 17, 12:52am
Thank you for your replies. I am still here reading them. My sister has bought up her usb wireless thing. It is called a 'Tenda Mini 54M Wireless USB Adapter'. While it is working and picking up the wireless, it is quite weak. As you suggested flick, the antenna is internal so not very powerful. The router is only 15 metres away and both doors are open but this will just have to do until I figure out what to do next. Thanks again.

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