A laptop opinion/advice needed please :)

divadays, Apr 17, 5:46am
Hey all, Can anyone give me an opinion on this laptop please?

Acer Intel P6100 4GB 250GB 1.3MP HD Webcam 4Hrs

I am looking for a new laptop and affordability is a factor, but not if the quality is compromised. I dont download alot of games, music or videos but do like the fact t is 4GB ram. I am not in any way, shape or form up with the play with IT speak... so laymans terms would be helpful! LOL
Any ideas of other laptops would be cool too if you have a fav.
Thanks in advance :)

stevel_knievel, Apr 17, 11:49am
Do you have a link to the machine you're talking about?

Unfortunately most lower end laptops would be hit and miss in terms of quality. A lot of regulars here would say stay away from Acer and opt for Toshiba instead, but the low end Toshibas don't impress me much either. I'd look at spending a little more if quality is what you're after.

Easter's coming, and I'll bet there'll be a few sales on. Keep an eye out and you might grab a bargain.

deodar1, Apr 17, 4:07pm
Laptops suck unless I can dance in/on them.

lythande1, Apr 18, 1:07am
Acer use ECS motherboards which is why they have a high failure rate. Stick to ASUS or Toshiba.

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