Best free program for converting/burning dvds?

krma9t91, Apr 17, 7:36am
which is the easiest, hassle free program to use?

question_chick_, Apr 17, 7:42am
I like IMGburn but I'm not sure it will do what you want . . .

krma9t91, Apr 17, 8:05am
just need a basic program for converting and burning dvds, will it do the trick? i've been using convertx to dvd but keep having probs with it

krma9t91, Apr 17, 8:08am
what do you usually use to burn a dvd?

thewomble1, Apr 17, 11:50am

deodar1, Apr 17, 4:04pm
I used to use ; 40 gallon drum but now with the local fireban
you have to be"cooking my kai" & melted DVD is not very tasty.

321mat, Apr 18, 12:59am

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