How much to put wireless adapter card into my pc?

han10, Apr 17, 11:09am
Can anyone please tell me how much I'd be expected to pay to get a wireless card put into my pc? Can I ask forthe 'N' type so I can have a longer range broadband access. PC has been moved about 30 metres away from the telecom jack so I need to go wireless. Any advice gratefully appreciated. I want to compare with the prices of a usb adapter on tm. Thanks.

princelee, Apr 17, 11:14am
i do this all the time for clients, costs you the cost of the wireless card $40 to $90 depending on what brand, type, etc you want plus a tech fee whether its onsite or offsite usually $30 offsite $45 onsite.

han10, Apr 17, 11:34am
Thank you princelee. The usb adapters on tm are around $25 with an aerial. Which is more reliable and will continue to give me a decent broadband speed ? I am also looking at upgrading my modem / router to 'N'.

princelee, Apr 17, 11:43am
both are usually as reliable as each other, generally i only deal with linksys products as they normally work best and most models dont have issues other brands have. Pays to buy a decent brand over a cheap nasty brand especially if signal range is going to be an issue.

han10, Apr 17, 11:45am
Thank you so much. I really appreciate yor help. Back to tm with linksys in the search! Thanks again.

deodar1, Apr 17, 2:40pm
Can be downloaded & installed-Windows knows what to do with it if you
transfer it to C Windows.Look it up specifically on Google,I did & was surprised.

deodar1, Apr 17, 3:58pm

foxray2000, Apr 17, 10:24pm
just a word on the USB type, sometimes the software can be problematic, I have a DSE on I got, admittedly for only $ 10 that always seems to drop the WEP key.

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