acer cashback has

leeann38, Jun 2, 9:06pm
Acer cashback has anyone had luck in this offer on computers. i have contacted them a number of times but they have declined my cashback.

kevin16, Jun 2, 9:08pm
?? why?? did you ask?, and what was their answer?,..

d.laidlaw, Jun 2, 9:14pm
They were on target the other night What was their reasoning in this case?

coaster13, Jun 2, 9:15pm
Saw a thing on Target the other night that you only have 14 days to redeem your cash back but that it can take up to 8 weeks to get it & how many stores were not making people aware of this. Could you be out of the redemption period? You would think they would still honour them though if you were unaware...

soodanim, Jun 2, 9:16pm
Yeah saw them on Target as well....The time limit, 10 days from purchase date to put in for the refund, but the stores weren't telling the buyers that. I'd say hit up Fair Go, it's something they'd love.

kevin16, Jun 2, 9:32pm
10 days - 14 days if the retailer fails to nform, how does that become acers fault?, and time limits are time limits, if you make exceptions where do you draw the line?,....

soodanim, Jun 2, 9:35pm
No one said it was acer's faultbut they should be wearing some of the responsibility....They should be making sure their resellers are giving the customer the correct information.

jacqui248, Jun 2, 9:38pm
I bought acer laptop and i got my cashback back, took a while but i have it now

kevin16, Jun 2, 9:43pm
Sorry soods incorrect usage of 'fault', how about 'failure'?,..

tigra, Jun 2, 9:44pm
Not Acer but I got a cashback on a Uniden phone. Had similar time restrictions. Guess you need to read conditions before you buy or very soon after. THERE ARE ALWAYS CONDITIONS . Dont know why people dont read them, or ask when buying. I did.

soodanim, Jun 2, 9:51pm
Well of course they won't care, less refunds for them..True people don't ask, but did you see Target? Questions were asked, noone told them there was a time limit...that's the point.

d.snell, Jun 2, 10:43pm
I have 2 pending 1st was purchase on 21st April, processed and sent the next day. Got a reply on 9th May saying documents had been received and estimated completion date would be 4th July.. 2nd was 30th April, reg online then and documents sent on the 15th. Still showing "Claim Status: Pending Supporting Document(s)".. Shouldn't take 15 Days for Fastpost to Australia, so I'm not sure what they are up to.. The confirmation email from the registration on 30th April says "To receive your cheque, you need to mail in the following supporting documents to us before 30 May 2008", yet the registration website says "Mail all three to us within 14 days of purchase"

_whatever, Jun 2, 11:38pm
I got mine. Yes it took a while oh and btw It would help you to read the T&C and comply with them. Now I am awaiting my Sony HD DVD recorder by redemtion. Yes it is not just Acer that are doing cash back offers.

toby21, Jun 3, 10:17am
Have an Acer cash back was not a problem.
Was stated on the conditions 10 days. Retailer gave us a pamphlet about it.

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