Telecom Total home Starter 1GB plan

l43a2, Apr 20, 6:10am
does this plan "include" a single user modem ?

mr-word, Apr 20, 8:56am
You get a modem included for free if you sign up to a 12 month contract otherwise you have to pay a $99 connection fee and no free modem. But if you have a contract and you cancel the contractthere is a $199 disconnection fee. But without a contract their is freedom to cancel your internet and sign up to another ISP. There may be better deals coming in 12 months so no contract is better.

richms, Apr 20, 12:06pm
You can upgrade the plan without penelty, and its doubtful things will change much. Perhaps one of the unbundled ISPs will install in the exchange, but IMO if you are even considering a 1GB plan then the other ISPs will be a waste of money.

lockkettrules, Apr 20, 12:19pm
1GB? that won't get you anywhere these days. websites have advanced greatly and take up way more bandwidth than they used to. Seems the plans have stayed the same.

mrfxit, Apr 20, 8:04pm
You would be better off with the 10gb plan & included nationwide landline calls

johnf_456, Apr 26, 6:55am
One gb will go no where.

l43a2, Apr 26, 7:35am
its not for me, its for a brand new user to broadband, and the person is in their sixties no point giving this person 10GB+ of data tbh

johnf_456, Apr 26, 7:41am
I often set people up new connections and often most of the time they come back with in 3 weeks saying they have used it. Especially when they work out how to use skype to talk to old rallys back home. But yeah just see how they go, everyone is different.

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