Dual Vista & XP Pro

shaba1, Jun 3, 7:01am
Dual Vista & XP Pro I am tempted to try a dual setup on my Laptop. I am trying to anticipate problems in the setup of this. For example the drivers in the Laptop are already installed for Vista. ? What could be the problems of obtaining drivers for XP Pro which may not be available at all to suit Laptop.
? Do the techs feel this is possible or not and what other snags can be anticipated.

pixma, Jun 3, 7:03am
This link may be of help; http://apcmag.com/how_to_dualboot_vista_with_xp__stepbystep_guide_with_screenshots.htm

pixma, Jun 3, 7:07am
Also; Make sure you have all of the drivers for the laptop, like for your motherboard, video card, sound card etc etc. Make sure they will work under the new O/S, vista or xp

shaba1, Jun 3, 7:14am
Thanks for the link. All info helps at this time.

pixma, Jun 3, 7:27am
Thats cool, try this link and check the linkshttp://www.google.co.nz/search?hl=en&q=dual+boot+xp+and+vista&btnG=Google+Search&meta=

hakatere1, Jun 3, 5:45pm
I dual boot Vista and XP. I have Vista Home Premium on Compaq/HP Presario V6000 and XP on an external usb drive. I had problems initially when the boot sector of Vista became corrupted after installing XP and wouldn't boot. To correct this, I had to run bootsect.exe from the command prompt in XP with this command: bootsect /nt60 c: Not a problem after that. I suppose the alternative is to install XP first. No problem with drivers. HP site have all the drivers required for Vista and XP. Bootsect.exe should be found in the Boot folder of Vista Install disk.

shaba1, Jun 3, 7:39pm
Thanks 6 Helpfull info. I am worried that when i check Toshiba Site for Drivers useing my model laptop i cannot see Drivers matched for XP Pro.
I can only see drivers compatable with Vista .

hakatere1, Jun 3, 10:16pm
Don't forget to image your os and save it to another drive. Just in case it all turns to custard lol. What model Toshiba?

gtxboyracer, Jun 3, 11:39pm
Toshiba.. I installed WinXP dual boot on my toshiba - it came with Vista Home Premium - which i don't like, but wanted to keep just incase.
I rung toshiba and they told me that i couldn't get WinXP drivers - but after abit of googlin' i found a link to the toshiba drivers site and found all the Windows XP ones i needed.

What model toshiba do you have?

sighkick, Jun 3, 11:51pm
Two further problems I have read about was that System Restore did not work with this dual boot system. The report mentioned that there was not a history of restore points available and you only had a restore point created when you started the machine. Perhaps someone who has a dual-boot XP - Vista machine could confirm this? Additionally, Toshiba sell Laptops that are nigh on impossible to UPGRADE from Vista to XP and you must mention that you intend to change the OS to XP when you purchase so that you get the model capable of this change.

shaba1, Jun 4, 1:14am
Sounds promising. Model i have is Toshiba A100 PSAARA.Full back up has been completed onto an external hard drive.

hazel26, Jun 4, 2:32am
Funny you started this threadI'm contemplating the same thing on an old sony vaio laptop. Scared what the outcome may be.

shaba1, Jun 4, 2:57am
I know what you mean.I have had dual systems working in the past although not on this Laptop. Had
XP & 98SE Running on a Desktop.
I find that some actions i wish to take on are easy on XP But seem almost impossible to achieve on Vista. For example copying a DVD Useing dvd shrink plus Nero is easy
on Xp. But due to No Nero on Vista becomes a major excercise

bradez, Jun 4, 5:02am
Microsoft do not support dual boots.

just run a second machine.

soodanim, Jun 4, 5:04am
Huh? ...

mrfxit, Jun 4, 5:31am
LMAO bradez Where theres a will, theres a way . . . Son is running Fedora 8 & has it looking like Vista complete with MS fonts & Ie 7.

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