What operating systems are 64bit

XP Vista 7 Linux Mac

geek_swivel, Apr 25, 11:39 am

XP, Vista and 7 have 64-bit options, but most people are still using the 32-bit versions. Why do you ask?

geek_rgtrading, Apr 25, 11:46 am

32bit such as xp can only read up to 3gb of ram so i need 64bit

geek_mada3, Apr 25, 11:55 am

What do you want to know about 64bit specifically?

geek_johnf_456, Apr 25, 11:57 am

Most Windows 7 installs are 64bit now.

This is an interesting look at things, Steam being so widely deployed now: http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey?platform=pc

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 25, 12:50 pm


geek_pcfix4u, Apr 25, 12:58 pm

Most install disc's now will give the you option of x86 (32 Bit) or x64 (64 Bit).

geek_loopylouis1, Apr 25, 1:00 pm

XP has a 64bit install but your best option is win7x64 as it will run most(if not all) 32bit apps and games.

geek_xraps, Apr 25, 1:01 pm

LOL under installed software;
"Steam - 100%"

geek_little_egypt, Apr 25, 1:44 pm