Hp 2300n printer, only prints 1st page??

domaine, Apr 25, 7:45am
I have set up hp2300 useing xp and printer only prints first page of document and when i have a visual pdf file, printer prints blank page
any solutions please?

domaine, Apr 25, 9:51pm
hii thought all on here were fabulously intellegent

sprinter51, Apr 25, 10:04pm
We are :-))))
To busy answering "real" questions ha ha ha
No not really, try to see if the problem is one of those listed in the below link(s)

chito, Apr 25, 11:34pm
Probably printer doesn't have enough internal memory. Go into properties and reduce the DPI to 300.

domaine, Apr 26, 8:15am
thanks for concern,i did as per site, a usb while useing xp reduces power so by clicking lots and undoing "reduce power through usb" printer now prints 8 pages in a rowexcellent thankyou.

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