How to change the cursor on a Mac os x 10.6

My mother does a lot of word processing, and if she has to go back and insert something, she finds she wastes a lot of time trying to find the small curser, to her eyes, it seems to disappear, so would like to see if I can make it bigger, and/or change its colour. Thanks, Lee.

geek_lee5, Apr 26, 3:21 pm

system preferences - universal access - mouse. There is a slider for cursor size. Is that what you are after?

geek_morrisman1, Apr 26, 3:27 pm

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geek_lee5, Apr 26, 4:55 pm

Thanks Morrisman1, but the actual line (maybe cursor is not the right word?)that stays in front of the typing is the problem, if my mother has her head down, looking at the hard copy of what she is putting into the computer, then looks at the screen, she has to really stop and look for where she's typing when inserting, say, a paragraph. On her old computer (PC) she could make it thicker, and change its colour. Lee.

geek_lee5, Apr 26, 6:54 pm

What Program is she using?Was it the same programe?

geek_jancemord, Apr 26, 7:08 pm

She uses Word, but also has the same problem writing e-mails on the internet.

geek_lee5, Apr 26, 7:12 pm

You mean, in a browser?Safari?

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 26, 7:59 pm

Yes, Safari.

geek_lee5, Apr 26, 9:06 pm

Have you tried zooming in Safari? (View menu)

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 26, 9:07 pm