Advice please on setting up home wireless network

flashgordon_nz, Apr 27, 9:46am
Evening all. Am running an intel Mac, and have a new xbox also (dont do much gaming).
We live in an area that doesnt get broadband via the phone line, so am looking at farmside/primo wireless for broadband. However, i have got thinking, that i could probably link the xbox, and mac to a house network? and use both on the net? can this be achieved via a t-stick/vodem? (we have good 3G reception on both), or better suited to the satellite internet?

All Helpful input appreciated!!

jdbdean, Apr 27, 10:43am
Use a wireless router, and plug vodem into that. I got a neat one from vodafone with a USB input for just such a thing. Ask vodafone for a router maybe?

Though macs tend to disagree with run of the mill routers. Good luck!

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