I Pod advice please, when buying one second hand

sarahjp22, Apr 28, 1:24am
what do I need to be aware of, and what questions do I need to ask?

lugee, Apr 28, 1:56am
Stay away from the red ones...

In all seriousness though; what iPod model are you looking at, they all vary wildly in design and how they work.

zaowl, Apr 28, 2:00am
ask about battery life as this is critical. You don't want to spend good money only to find the battery life is poor. Eg. My old old ipod only lasts less than a couple of hours before it needs to be charged.

lugee, Apr 28, 2:05am
If its a hard drive based Classic iPod, look outside for any dings, listen to the hard drive spin up and read; there shouldn't be any noises like scraping, grinding or knocking. Clicking is fine.

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