Paypal withdrawal failure

cfyoung, Apr 28, 2:40am

I'm trying to withdraw money from my paypal account into my Westpac account. It keeps failing and I keep getting charged $5.00. Paypal's support is useless and haven't got me any closer to success. I think the issue stems from this, Westpac setup my bank account as: Last Name, First Names and paypal will only let me withdraw to an account named First Names, Last Name.

Has anyone else tried (and succeeded) in withdrawing money to a Westpac account? If so what did you do, for bank name and account name. I'd appreciate some help..


swivel, Apr 28, 3:24am
Have you setup the account in Paypal ??. Have you got the 4 digit code ?? they give ??. From there it's easy, I do it all the time.

hdmovies, Apr 28, 3:38am
Transfer the money to someone else's paypal account that you trust and have them withdraw the money. Otherwise you'll be loosing $50 forever.

Alternatively just buy some stuff.

bob7771, Apr 28, 3:50am
I have done it Ok - withdrawing it to an ASB account. If I recall correctly from the set up there were all sorts of dire warnings about ensuring account details were exactly correct including name etc. Plus I had to entera code as well. Its been a while since I did it but it did work Ok for me.

hdmovies, Apr 28, 4:12am
Should read $5 for ever.

Same with bob, I'm with ASB and have neverhad any issues.

lostdude, Apr 28, 4:18am
Or just open a new account with ASB & use that with paypal lol.

swivel, Apr 28, 4:28am
Why whats wrong with Westpac, works fine.

newbie5, Apr 28, 4:43am
Have you got your bank swift code and account number correct

cfyoung, Apr 28, 4:45am
When I created the account I was with ANZ, I've since changed to Westpac which is when the issues started.

What do you enter for the bank name? Also is your account name in the form that paypal accepts? As I said mine isn't, it's last name followed by first names.

swivel, Apr 28, 4:50am
OK. Have you setup the bank account for Westpac in your paypal profile ?? then has it sent the code for you to put in to paypal to activate it ??

swivel, Apr 28, 4:54am
If your having problems with the account name,then just create another account online with westpac.

wholesaler, Apr 28, 5:02am
They changed it all, they dont use SWIFT codes any more and they ask for three digits at the end of the bank code but it will only work if you use two.

Providing a third number will cause the funds to be reversed.

cfyoung, Apr 28, 5:15am
wholesaler is right, I don't get given any codes. I tried to make a new account online swivel, however it didn't let me specify an account name (only a nickname) so I assume the account name was going to be the same as my current ones.

swivel, Apr 28, 5:21am
Yeah thats fine for a name.the 2 I use is AFX and AuctionHouse.

locoloco, Apr 28, 5:40am
Put your name in the way Paypal want - it won't matter - bank will accept it.

jr, Aug 26, 2:28am
This is weird. I withdraw 15 dollars from my paypal account to my Kiwi bank account. I check my statement on my kiwibank the transaction went through the next day and 15 dollars appear on my statement as a direct deposit from Paypal Inc when i check my phone banking the money never exist in there. there is no money. when i check at the ATM machine there is no money...has this happened to anyone. help please.

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