Printing from PC to laptop

I am wanting to print from my main computer to my wireless laptop which has the printer connected to it. Is this possible? If yes can you explain how to set-up please.

geek_tex-pj, Apr 28, 2:59 am

Do both run the same operating system? If so, share the printer and the add the printer via Control Panel > Printers and faxes

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 28, 3:01 am

i've tried it but not working. Microsoft xp on PC and 7 on laptop

geek_tex-pj, Apr 28, 3:14 am

Different O/S, so you'll need to install a different driver.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 28, 5:38 am

Wouldn't be a problem if you ran a "print server" box.
We run a basic HP network print server & can print from any o/s to the printer including wireless.
it's all done via IP numbers

Pretty much any print server box will do the job depending on what connections your printer use's

geek_mrfxit, Apr 28, 5:43 am

so if I understand you the laptop is connected to the printer (and it runs win7) and the desktop running xp is the one you want to be able to use to print stuff from also ?if so then :

firstly you need to make sure the xp machine is in the 'workgroup' do this RIGHT clik 'my computer' then clik properties/computer name..............

on that box it tells you some stuff "computer name' and 'workgroup' if the workgroup is listed as MSHOME or any thing other than WORKGROUP then clik the 'change ' button and then clik apply/ok etc etc .......

haveing done that you need to SHARE the printer in the laptop printer properties settings......................-

then on the desktop you need to 'add a printer/ network printer/............'

let the system find the printer then follow ya nose from tehre........

geek_drcspy, Apr 28, 5:47 am

Each networking group on each computer MUST be named the same.
Each computer MUST have the same printer driver installed
Each computer MUST have a different name
Each computer MUST have the same "subnet" address
Each computer must be assigned a different IP number (last 2 numbers = sample = ... & or ... etc etc

Theres other bits but thats a basic list.

geek_mrfxit, Apr 28, 6:05 am

Install dropbox on both computers, save the file in drop box and print wherever and whenever you want...

geek_navestrebor, Apr 28, 7:51 am

geek_navestrebor, Apr 28, 8:09 am