Dumb Moment Wireless Printer..

ilottl, Apr 28, 8:58pm
OK so was working, nothing has changed (so I thought but somethign obviosuly has). The thomson router from Telecom can see the wireless printer and the Win7 laptop conencted to it. I cannot ping the wireless printer or print to it even though it was working. Both devices have been turned on and off and agn connect ok. Is there some silly Win7 firewall option stopping me?? Both different IPs too.

mrfxit, Apr 28, 9:31pm
Yep probably a firewall setting.
How depends a lot of what firewall you are running.
Easy test is to turn off the firewall & try your printer.
DON'T forget to turn it back on later.

nik12, Apr 28, 9:45pm
I had a similar problem with my toshiba, and HP printer. Things would go to the print queue, but then it said printer off-line, but there was no option to get it back on-line! I did lots of googling, but the only instructions I could understand, was uninstall and reinstall - been fine ever since.
Still no idea why it went offline, but it seemed to be a common problem

ilottl, Apr 28, 9:46pm
Thanks guys. Tried the firewall turnoff and no go. WIll do a reinstall and try from there.

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